47 thoughts on “How to Build a DJ Booth for Under $100

  1. I currently have an old expedit and Ive been considering doing what you did here with the top as I cannot have my turntables in battle position without them hanging off the top. The idea of the 2x4s is genius. Would be great if the 2.4s allowed enough space to store my extra turntables underneath the counter top. If you want to be extra pimpy you can install a hook on the side or your headphones. BOOM.

  2. I fitted my kallax with a couple of $40 fully adjustable laptop swivel arms from Amazon. Holds my XDJ 1000s perfectly and lets me swing them out of the way when I wanna use the turntables underneath.

  3. I am an NWFA installer that owns his own company, tool, and can make high end wood furniture….and I'm still going to use your methods! Cheers mate !

  4. the kallax units are no where near deep enough to fit a road case on top of… the rubber feet of the road case either fall off the front or the back… i wonder if theres any way to attatch a wider table top without actually attatchig it to the wall…

  5. https://wundergroundmusic.com/resurgence-of-vinyl-is-secret-ikea-conspiracy-to-sell-storage-units-claims-former-employee/

  6. Mojaxx I wanted to ask you if you could let me know where you got your pdx 2000 tables done at ? I think they look dope and would like to get mine done. Thanks for sharing how to build a DJ booth for under $100.

  7. Thanks for the vid, I just made my own one. My carpet is probably the thickest you can buy so I was worried about it wobbling but once it's filled up with very heavy records, the thing won't move at all. So if you don't fancy buying some brackets to fix it to a wall, simply buy about 1000 vinyls instead.

  8. avoid IKEA products. No dislike for IKEA but they use particle board for most of their furniture. It WILL bend over time (under a year most of the time). Best is to buy hard wood and build furniture on your own.

  9. I have the ikea unit directly on the floor- had the set up for a couple of years, but it can sometimes be uncomfortable only being able to stand up-to the unit. I am going to add some feet some that I can stand a little closer and more upright I think. Has this been an issue for you yet?

  10. I like these tutorials… but this one… I built mine from actual wood from Home Depot with a template I made and it's super solid. I picked out the wood at Home Depot and they cut it all to spec in the store, and I stained it all after. Then I brought all the pieces up and screwed it all together. Not that hard. Think it cost abt $65 usd. It took more time than MoJax but it's solid. My over head camera is a flag pole that I bent at 90 degrees for abt $7 and used clips to mount the camera. U don't need to stain an finish like I did. But it's not hard if u can think in 3 dimensions.

  11. Am. After doing a flush dj table. Have got the legs just need two pieces of MDF at 4ft by 2ft. But I will be making cable tidy holes lol 😂

  12. The double Kallax system doesnt work its way too wide and it looks rediculous. Just buy a single Kallax unit. I love my ikea dj unit! Great video

  13. Great guide.. I personally prefer an overhang ( not a hangover lol) on the front so that you can get your feet under a bit…. Really helps the back 👍

  14. u forgot 2x technics turntables 1210's for 1700 bucks per, 2x CDJ of your choice ~1000 bucks per, DJ Mixer 2-4 channels for 600-2000 bucks……

  15. Hey Mojaxxx, I was wondering what kind of dust covers you use for those Vestax PDX. Since Vestax went out of business it seems impossible to get proper dust covers, halp!

  16. Bro. I did this most at the beginning of the year. Best thing I've ever done for my setup. I now have space to store my mobile gear in between a d keep my turntables up top while sorting records and gear in the shelf. It made room for me to set up a production station. Best mod

  17. Ikea actually make some castor wheels for the Kallax unit, they're pretty stable and add about 3 or 4 inches of height which brings it up high enough for me to DJ on comfortably (6'3")

  18. Well, I need to say that Ikea has some good stuff. I own a Numark NS7III and needed to change my room a bit, for a new setup. So I bought a small table, about 1.1 m in width (which I think is called TÄRENDÖ), and also bought a small TV cabinet (MOSJÖ). My TV is now hanging on the wall, while I have my whole setup, ready to use.
    One tip: sometimes, thrift shops, have good stuff. So look first at your local thrift shop, before going to Ikea.

    Good work Mojaxx, sometimes cheap tables are good enough for in the bedroom.

  19. When it comes to DJing at home i'd never suggest putting your stuff on a table facing the wall. Think about it, when you're giging you'd have the crowd infront of you and not behind you. Even if you'll probably never have a big enough party at home to equal that of a gig remeber that "three is a crowd" so to speak. DJ for your friends as a sort of practice for when you'll eventually have gigs.

  20. Hi, question regarding having your speakers on the same surface as the decks? I've read a lot of guides that say this is a big no-no

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