ASUS Tuf Gaming FX505 with AMD Ryzen 7 3750H and Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti?

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28 thoughts on “How Fast is a AMD Ryzen 7 & GTX 1660 Ti for Gaming? – ASUS Tuf Gaming FX505 Gaming Review 🔥🔥🔥

  1. so which should i consider? Intel or AMD? because I need not only for gaming, but also for programming that might require a lot of multitasking

  2. I have the same gaming laptop with the same specs and it sucked!!! FPS keeps making sudden drops and it stutters. R7 is causing it to stutter. I couldn't play games right!

  3. Not to mention if you disable the 1660ti and just use the Vega 10 you can game longer on battery I played Doom med at 75% res 60fps and many more games

  4. hey i am from india where fx505 is available with 2060/3750H for 88K Rupees And lenovo for 95K Rupees with i5 9300h and 1660 Ti….which should i go with for better gaming performace….Help me

  5. I recently bought this laptop, and everything is going well, but I have serious performance problems in Battlefield 1, someone else with a similar problem?

  6. Can some one please help me, I’m worried cuz I bought this with 16 gbs of ram and 512 ssd but i can’t find it anywhere else and I’m worried i got scammed

  7. Bought it today, i was quite happy with this price, better then a nitro 5 with less ram.
    NVIDIA 1650
    16gbs of ram
    Ryzen 5
    1182 dollars AUD

  8. I acquired that model but it came with a single-channel 8GB ram, I know that Ryzen works better in dual channels. Am I currently causing the bottleneck? Is it necessary to install another memory for dual channel? And do you recommend that you upgrade to windows 1903 or leave it with the version that came? Do I install the amd chipset package? Thank you.

  9. I'm really confused between this laptop and an acer nitro 5 i7-8750h gtx 1060

    Can you please help me choose and why !

    and Thank you

  10. 1.) Asus FX505DU AMD Ryzen 7-3750H-8GB RAM-1TB- GTX 1660TI-15.6 "(USD 1008.26)

    2.) Pavilion Gamer Intel i5-9300H GeForce GTX 1050 3GB 15.6 "FHD 8GB 256GB SSD Windows 10 15-dk0008la (882.23 USD)

    3-) LENOVO GAMING IDEAPAD L340 / INTEL® CORE ™ I5 / 8GB RAM / 128GB SSD + 1TB / NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1650 / 15.6 "(USD 910.24)

  11. I have bought this laptop now… But cpu is bottlenecking any many games like d2 and shadow of tomb raider from 60 fps it drops to 20-30 all the time when there is action… Never again buying ryzen + 1660 ti combo the graphic card is overkill for this weak cpu :/ better getting i5 with 1060 and get way better solid fps… N it's even cheaper

  12. For anyone who's planning on getting this, make sure to run it in dual channel ram. Adds so much more fps in triple A titles

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