Beijing says Hong Kong protestors ‘trampled the rule of law’ when they stormed the parliamentary Legislative Council (LegCo) building on the 22nd anniversary of handover.

The story
Beijing has condemned the ransacking of the Hong Kong parliament by pro-democracy protestors. The Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office said it backed the territory’s authorities to investigate what it called the criminal responsibility of violent offenders. It said the demonstrators’ actions on Monday had ‘trampled the rule of law’.

ruin something’s appearance by damaging or writing on it
• Last night the main hall of the museum was defaced with political graffiti.
• Library books are now laminated to prevent people defacing their covers.

done openly in an easy-to-see way
• The video footage clearly shows the criminal’s blatant lies.
• OK – what’s going on? You two have blatant chemistry. Are you flirting?

zero tolerance
enforcing a rule with absolutely no exceptions
• This school has a zero tolerance policy towards drugs.
• There is a policy of zero tolerance against modern-day slavery in this country.

Language challenge

Combine two words to make a verb that means: ‘move through a place damaging and stealing’
• ran • steal
• sack • take

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44 thoughts on “Hong Kong protestors ‘trampled the rule of law’ – News Review

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  2. You both are an superb match. I love the friendly, polite and sincere way you are talking with one another.

  3. bbc Channel is one of the most useful learning practical English for me. I do love it very much. And I will keep on watching in order to improve my English. thx.😘

  4. 3:43 i heard " in an act malevolent jealousy " is it right ? And i miss one more word at "the police officer charged you with defacing and …. " the word behind "and" can't make out. The third word i can't hear 4:00 " spoiling and … " please help me

  5. امر جيد،،، طريقه النطق مساعدة جداً لرفع المعنويات وزيادة فرصة تعلم الانجلزية بطريقة ممتازة ،، شكراً لكم bbc❤️

  6. Suggestion: maybe you guys could read the headline one more time after all the explainations. I'm sure we're going to understand it better the second time. 🙂 thanks

  7. The actor was arrested by police because of blatantly smuggling drugs. It's deface his popularity. He is being punished with zero tolerance.

  8. Sweet laughing Dan. I felt like it came out from your heart . By the way, I think you were such a nice son to have when you were a child. Hope you both the best life full of fun and joy.

  9. ı cant describe how ı love you guys. not only beacuse you are amazing teachers but also ı feel like u are nice people even if ı dont you in person

  10. //The people of Hong Kong have done the world a service by dealing a setback to Beijing’s global anti-democratic agenda. We should back them up.//by Ellen Bork(The American Interest)

  11. Here is a useful new word – 'hypocrisy'. It is 'the contrivance of a false appearance of virtue or goodness, while concealing real character or inclinations, especially with respect to religious and moral beliefs; hence, in a general sense, hypocrisy may involve dissimulation, pretence, or a sham' (wikipedia). There is no rule of law in China, at least not in the terms as it is understood elsewhere, so it is blatant hypocrisy for the Chinese government to complain about the rule of law being trampled in Hong Kong. The Chinese government tramples on the rule of law everyday.

  12. CIA organized riot,US and UK supported riot to overthrow many middle east countries government by this way,then US can control and kill middle east people easily,all the excuse are democracy.

  13. i am in somalia i like to learn english bbc proadcast i wish success because they are helping the people who needs to learn this international language

  14. Hi
    Thanks Mr Dan and Mrs Katherine
    The fence of a public park was defaced yesterday, after that the criminals have been arrested, next the TV presenter exposed their blatant behavior,and police told them that they have a zero tolerance with that conduct,and as a result of that they will be put in a big wall.

  15. Hi, why don't you put a hyphen between " zero" and " tolerance"
    I think it should be written like this A zero-tolerance policy .
    Correct me if I'm wrong

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