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  1. This is the reupload of one of the most important videos I've made. I had to take it down some time ago because of potential copyright issues, but now it's back!

  2. They dont have to thank us 😢army did it because we felted loved and important we weren't t just money to BTS we were theire precious fan and they will stay our precious boys💜love BTS and we did it with joy and fun just to see theire reaction when theire name is announced, we were just happy seeing them on camera since we couldn t see them as much as others idols in korea🙆forever army.

  3. Hey Aaron.. I want you to cry some more.. Pls check out BTS' Hardships and Do you know BTS? both by xceleste..
    By the way Rosan aka xceleste is a true blue ARMY.. She had so many contents regarding our boys… She even had a summary for the BTS Universe storyline for new ARMYs to understand more.. Thanks Aaron!

  4. This was a tear jerking but nothing compared to BTS Hardship Antis Plagiarism Sajaeg Petition. In this video hater weren't just hating they were cruel to BTS Please react

  5. love your video’s sm, can you react to Stray Kids pls ? they are a K-pop group with 9 members and they are amazing 🙂

  6. This video makes me cry😢😢😢and also im pround for being one of the army💜💜💜 we will stay forever💜💜💜

  7. Really enjoy to watch your reactions, you speaks well, always joyful n looks great! I like BTS very much. Would b great if you react to BTS Hardships, very touching video! Fighting!

  8. can't believe I've watched it twice! I have a feeling that I've watched it already, but I forgot where or when, or am I just imagining things.. but then I read your comment here that you just re uploaded it. 🤣😅 I totally forgot!

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