A honest modern warfare review breaking down what i like and dislike about the multiplayer gameplay. PS4 Pro gameplay of the 2v2 gunfight Alpha / early beta build

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13 thoughts on “HONEST Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review ! New Multiplayer Gameplay PS4 Pro

  1. I didn't even realise you uploaded this.

    Modern Warfare on PC will have such smooth movement. I can tell 😎

    I hate how they refuse to add an FOV slider and ADS sensitivity setting on console.

  2. I completly agree with FOV and ADS sensitivity. This and not being able to reload and run at the same time is slowing down this game too much. Even for a BF player. I will buy the game and hopefully get used to it. The guns look and feel awesome!

  3. Very nice detailed analysis of the game so far, taking into account some of the stuff i wouldnt even really notice. But for not hearing footstep audio ive seen a few people talk about, i can hear them quite well but they could do with a bit of an increase. This could just be a bug that some players are experiencing or just a setting difference. Also the suppressed m4 is a beam. Its like a lethal airsoft gun to me lol

  4. I like it this mode is pretty addictive and I'm a battlefield only player bf5 get really bored with conquest like frontlines and rush but well u know

  5. Cod on PC is a fucking joke. They fooled me with WW2 and BO4 the player count is like 7 or 8 people and it takes years to get into a full blackout game. if you can live without the fov slider and some options console is defiantly the best Cod experience because on PC its a shit show.

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