24 thoughts on “Hitachi UHO25 Excavator

  1. wow cambridge equip. thats who i bought my first excavator from, 1984/85 uh o7, made a ton of money with it, lot's of story's, the owner of the company that sold it to me got killed in a car crash coming from vanc. to blaine, great guy

  2. I thought you wanted a 181 to restore to mint shape. Those old grey market hitachi hoes changed the way things were done back in the 80s.

  3. Buddy of mine has an dash 1 ex 60. Pretty much same machine. Looks like hell but man is it a good runner. He's up in 100 mile house and says it's the only thing he owns that fires right up during the winter.

  4. It doesn't look too dissimilar to our late 80s grey market Sumitomo S160. A super simple and reliable piece of kit. Normally aspirated Isuzu with no computers. Fast too.

  5. Once it was someone’s investment and a working useful machine. And now look…symbolic of the human condition if nothing else.
    Hope it gets fixed up.

  6. Nice little machine!
    I've got an '84 Mitsubishi 070, pretty much the same machine…
    Story goes, mine was along the coast of Japan, ran a hammer.
    Boom and pins all show it….
    Then shipped to the states, got picked up by a wrecking yard that was closing it's doors and had to clean everything up… Then I got it..
    She's tired, but still fires up and does what I need.
    Tracks are way worn out!!
    Those on the Hitachi look pretty good!!!!
    Thank you Skadill!!!

  7. I'm seeing more and more hitachi's parked in yards being forgotten down here, most of them run, but some farmer or wanna be farmer picks em up for a song then they quietly rust in peace, maybe ran once or twice then seize up from disuse… makes me a little sad, cause I would totally put em back to work.

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