31 thoughts on “Hasselblad X1D II, SUMMER Photo Review (Tony & Chelsea Live)

  1. „There are people that have money“… well, with 1,3mil subs I would be able to buy a truck load of this beauty of a camera….

  2. I am curious, are you going to support Jason Lanier? You being in the photography community , i would hope so. Thanks.

  3. One of the best things about KEH is their used gear is covered by a 6 month warranty. You won't get that from a private seller or likely even a local shop (my local shop only covers 30 days). But they did start charging tax, at least for some states. Still a good value though, and they frequently have 10% sales, sometimes 15%!

  4. At 2:50 they mention the price of the medium format X1D and they are unfair. 5,700$ for a medium format camera isn't a high price at all. With the introduction of Hasselblad and Fujifilm mirrorless cameras prices dropped below 10,000$. The Hasselblad X1D II is even much cheaper than the original model. So they are not fair.
    The digital full frame territory is tens of thousands dollars for each camera body.
    We see a revolution in medium format photography.
    Digital medium format cameras exists for many years. The older might remember the Kodak DCS Pro Back 645 for Hasselblad H1 in 2002 with 16 MP.
    With the Sony a7 full frame digital photography is affordable to many people. I bet that in five years medium format camera bodies will reach the 2000 dollars barrier.

  5. Hi T&C! I'm actually in the New London area for work. What are some of your favorite locations for landscapes or street photography around here? It would be fun if we bumped into each other one of these days! Cheers!

  6. 'I think I've grown old' as Rooster Cogburn said in True Grit. I started my professional career with film and manual everything, so find it a bit weird to see someone so amazed at a purely mechanical camera, so stuck in the modern way of thinking about digital cameras and not understanding the spirit level is that way round for a reason. Fuji used to make a 6×17 too and for a miniature version using 35mm film, try a Hasselblad Expan. As for the novelty of a digital back on a V series Hasselblad, it's hardly a new idea. I have been shooting Phase One backs on mine for a decade and a half!

  7. i backpacked fuji 617 camera (similar to the linhof) around India (Ladakh) and on a separate trip to Cambodia and Laos… I actually got pretty quick with it… and with the shutter you can hand hold it. But for the most part a tripod is your friend. Cheers loved your review on the Linhof…

  8. Chelsea is of course very cute, but Chelsea, the word button has a T in it! Two, actually; It's not really pronounced "buh-un"

    Thank you, thank you very much.

  9. Ok, I give myself a week to tidy my 4 HDDs of 7 years of photography and I will send a photo for the next week "water" theme 🤞

  10. next level photography: I know I can never take that shot that I envision. So I just don't. I have an exhibition. Its in your head exclusively. Pay via creditcard only! XD

  11. what's happened to Siobhan that was doing the comments and reading out the questions. Does she not do the show anymore where as she's gone.

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