Goku VS Superman is easily one of the most popular debates in the anime scene mainly because of what each character ‘is’ in the’r respected universe. But what if instead of going back and forth talking about who would win, you just make it happen yourself?

Download Link: 40k LIKES FOR THE LINK

(You NEED Winrar for ALL of the Mugen Links I drop from now until the unforeseeable future to play the game)

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31 thoughts on “Goku VS Superman The Game

  1. That Seth the programmer video was kinda mid bc he used a Superman speed feat that he’s done once and never able to do again. But in the same breath says Goku is stronger? Notta fan

  2. I've been playing MUGEN for a while now and the fact that one of my favorite youtubers now plays it is just.. MMM BOI THIS SHIT IS AMAZING

  3. Bruh I’ve said it before all Goku would have to do is instant transmission superman away from the sun. For goodness sake Batman beat superman. If anyone says superman can beat Goku after superman took that big of an L they’re on crack

  4. Here's the Link for this Mugen

    MUGEN Megamix HD Remix – Downloads – The MUGEN ARCHIVE (Search on your web Browser)

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