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Here’s everything you need to know about the new Garmin Venu GPS, from the new yoga and Pilates features, to the animations for cardio & strength, to the breathing technique and respiration rate functionality. Plus I talk about hydration and sweat loss and plenty more. Hit up the full post for accuracy details and plenty more! And I compare it to the Vivoactive 4 series.

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40 thoughts on “Garmin Venu Review // 7 New Things To Know!

  1. Hey DC, i have been following you for at least the last decade (well since 2007 to be honest, I have a Gar305!) . Your independent reviews have been absoutely indespensible throughout my triathlon career, my fat dad phase, my first PM buy, my mtb phase, my running revival phase, my fat dad phase x 2 … and most recently my purchase today of a venu !….. from Western Australia….

  2. My wife wants this for Christmas and asked if it was any good. Any feedback I gave her would be from someone who takes endurance sports far too seriously. I pointed her at your initial review and said "this guy will tell you all about it without being a shill for the company selling it." Thanks for the quality reviews DC!

  3. Hi!!! Fantastic review. I am really torn on the vivo active 4 or this venu. I like a nice crisp screen but never seen either in the flesh and struggling to find a shop which holds display models where I live. Which would you go for?

  4. Thanks bro for the review it very helpful. I think I want to get one. By the way, does it can be pair with Garmin HRM-tri?

  5. Hi!! thank you for all those details!!

    I've the garmin vivoactive since 4 or 5 y don't remember… and love it but I'm a bit tired and wanted to find another alternative.more usable in my working girl life, less sporty look.

    I'm so attracted by the venu but a bit stress of the battery I found nowhere a test on the capacity on a GPS (like running, or climbing or whatever) WITHOUT the music. I personally don't care about the music and wanted to see what about the battery capacity on a tracking activity. can you please help me?

    The truth is that even after 4.5 y my Garmin is really battery saving, I charge it only once /10 to 12 days and recording activity all day or two days. I'm able to make very long sports trip without any fear of it like stop functioning during it.

    Before buying this new babe I really wanna be sure it will survive at list 7 to 8 hours of activity recording (without Music)

  6. hey, im from India. venu is not yet released here. Can you give some info about heart rate? like it's wrist-based monitoring or need a chest strap kinda stuff?

  7. Great to see Garmin finally has a display that doesn't suck. I just can't stand the round form factor though. It constantly feels like everything doesn't fit on the screen.

  8. I couldn't watch the whole video because of all the fast talking and editing. Also, why not wearing something short sleeved so we can see what they actually look like on someone aside from a closeup?

  9. If the oled display is in the low power mode and you have a watch face that does 1hz heart rate updates what happens? I assume low power mode wouldn’t allow the heart rate to constantly update?

  10. Hi Ray. Do you have any info seams like Garmin connect on iOS suffering a big outage I have had no info in my Garmin app all day and their status website reporting issues.

  11. great info, thanks. im happy to see the side by side with the normal type of lcd….
    (ps- please ditch the bad green screen. you're info is better than that)

  12. Wow man. Too fast. Far, far far too fast. What's the race? I cannot comprehend at the speed you are talking. Take a breath. #ChillDude

  13. Some nice upgrades over the va3. Wonder what next year will bring. Does the va4/venu have the scrolling strip on the non button side of the watch?

  14. Only thing I don't like on Venu/VA4 is course navigation missing. If they have this, it is no.1 mid-level choise.

    Ray, please show it on the direct sun light 😉😎

  15. I'd love to get a Venu but I'm on the fence between Venu and Vivoactive 4.. My main concern is seeing it in strong light when running. Do you think visibility is effected because of the AMOLED display? Cheers!

  16. Shoot id pay the extra 50 for that slate color. Love it. I have had a vivoactive 3 for two years still works great. Battery is not as good now but i have literally worn it everyday. Wacked it dropped it mud water. Going to be saving up for when price drops on that venu

  17. It looks nice but the only thing stopping me is it's to small, 42mm 1.2inch display while the Samsung watch is 46mm 1.34inch display.

  18. Can you delete the pre-loaded videos for things such as Yoga (I don't do it so can I delete those to give me more space for other types of workout videos)?

  19. The review SHOULD BE that of the product and interactions/on field experiences, NOT YOUR FACE OR THE BACKGROUND. It is very annoying the screen keep changing back & forth between the product and your appearance.

  20. Thanks for the time and effort you took to produce this quality, in-depth review😁👍. Am currently deciding between buying the venu and the galaxy watch active 2.

  21. omg u talk so fast i had to turn the subtitle on…… cuz 10 seconds into the video i literally thought u were speaking german, cuz it sounded like german then i heard " the one right here" then i realized you are speaking English. lol

  22. I used amazfit gtr for the last 10 days. The worst GPS ever. I have sold it on Facebook and ordered a Garmin Venu recently. I hope it will not let me down.

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