In this video, we will do a full unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, as well as a first time setup and a review.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is a fantastic smartphone full of amazing features, so let’s discover as much as we can and start with unboxing.

Let’s dive in.

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42 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 10 Plus – Unboxing, First Time Setup, and Review

  1. Hi Been using NOTE every since NOTE 2 and today I got NOTE 10+. Thanks for the video will have to watch it several times in order to get it right…old and slow. Cheers

  2. Been out of the note game for too long. Had Note 3 now got the Note 10 Plus.
    But don't know here to start. Moved to CAT Phones after my Note 3.
    Samsung interface has changed drastically. How do I catch up?

  3. Hi, is the note 10 plus dual sim? I currently use iPhone XS Max with ATT and Verizon with their esim capability. Let me know! Thanks!

  4. great video as always sir! i’m looking to switch from iphone x as i’m bored with apple but it’s gonna be hard to break away from that ecosystem!
    the 10+ is gorgeous but a little too big for me as i want something close to the size of the iphone. i’ve always wanted a note but steered away bc of the big size so this smaller 10 is quite exciting.

  5. I bought the Note10 Plus Aura Glow 256GB. I can always get more storage with a MicroSD Card. BTW I expect to get mine from AT&T on September 4 with my New Earbuds and Backup Power Supply on 9/5.

  6. I upgraded from the Note 8 to the Note 10 Plus 5 G Ora in color. I have not had chance to really play around with it yet but I'm loving the videos on how to do so many different things with it. Going to try out the camera today.

  7. I just got the note + and they said that its silver but it looks like aura glow
    It has those nice reflections
    Is there a silver color or do I have the aura glow?

  8. I ordered the same phone you are showing! Currently sitting here waiting on the fedex guy to deliver my new phone! Great timing as i have a huge concert tomorrow and cannot wait to try that camera out! Im almost a little sad to turn in my beautiful lilac Note 9! But stoked for 10 plus and excited for the Aura Glow color!!! Thank you for the video, very informative!! I still havent figured everything out on my Note 9 so Im going to have alot to learn on this one as well! lol Thanks again!

  9. WTH. Samsung Galaxy has an opportunity to introduce wireless earbuds to their phones, but doesn't? Probably holding out for the Galaxy S11 or/and the Galaxy note 11.

  10. Honestly I want to see someones note 10 plus all pimped with a nice galaxy theme and keyboard just to get a taste of how cool everything looks on screen instead of seeing a box …I dont wanna see the inside of a box. I want to see the phone itself all set up with personal settings etc.

  11. I'm still using a $60 smart phone. As long as I can text, call, take pics and use internet and basic apps im chill with not spending $1200

  12. Note 8 change to note 9.change that to samsung Galaxy s10 5g. Just received my Samsung galaxy note 10 5g is my phone to use right now.

  13. When I make an call, I notice a flickering speck by the punch hole, but when I put it on speaker phone it's gone. Is this normal?

  14. I will stick with my note 9 till price is lower no way would I pay over a grand for a phone bleetin craziness no way is that worth that much.

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