Plot Summary full movie “The Doll Master 人偶师 Puppeteer”: Actually everyone in this world is a puppet, you just can’t see the string on your body. Twenty years ago, A famous psychologist, Ouyang Qiu, and his colleague also friend, Ruan Haotian, went to Dawn City to attend a secret research project. But no one knows what happened. Ouyang fell down from a building and died. Dr. Ruan also disappeared mysteriously. then the project was terminated. Twenty years later, Ouyang Qiu’s son, Ouyang Yiming is grown up. He joined a SCI Team and became an agent. One day, A case of mutilation happened in Dawn City. Ouynag Yiming took the initiative to investigate it. but when he almost went to the bottom of the case, the murderer committed suicide. Ouyang decides to stay and continue his investigation. Now the Pandora’s Box is going to be open…

全剧简介: 热播网剧《The Doll Master 人偶师 Puppeteer》其实每个人都是木偶,只不过很多人看不见牵在自己身上的线罢了。二十年前,著名心理学家欧阳秋和好友兼同事的阮昊天(刘骐饰),前往黎明城一起参与一项秘密的研究项目,但是在研究过程中不知发生了何种变故,最终欧阳秋离奇坠楼而死,好友阮昊天也如人间蒸发一般神秘失踪,研究项目随即被叫停。二十年后欧阳秋的儿子欧阳亦鸣(王关彭饰)已长大成人,对父亲的死耿耿于怀的他,在一个名叫“凶恶类凶杀调查部”的特殊部门担任特别探员。一日黎明城突发离奇碎尸案,欧阳亦鸣主动请缨去往父亲客死之地调查此案,然而当案件水落石出之时,却发现凶手离奇自杀。面对重重疑点,欧阳亦鸣决定留在黎明城继续调查。欧阳的留下,仿佛启动了潘多拉魔盒一般…本片或译《Doll Teacher》《Doll Division》

出品 Produced: 映邦文化 中韵博艺
导演 Director: 陈帅 Chen Shuai
主演 Starring: 刘骐 Liu Ji, 王茜 Wang Qian, 王关彭 Wang Guanpeng, 魏中凯 Wei Zhongkai, 贾博雅 Jia Boya, 贾梓 Jia Zi
题材 Feature: 犯罪 #Crime, 侦探 #Detective, 悬疑 #Suspense, 推理 Reasoning, 惊悚 Thriller
集数 Episodes: 12 / Season One
年代 Year: 2017

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