Fujifilm sent me a review copy of their fujinon XF200 f/2.0 R LM OIS lens to give you a review on it. This lens is clearly aimed at all those who take nature, wildlife and sport photography very seriously. It does not have a million uses. It does not too many things but those things that it does, it does well. In this video I said what the hey. Why not try it where bokeh reigns. I took it out and photographed a circus artist in my hometown of Quebec city to see what the camera would have to offer. I gave it a try for fashion run and gun photography and event and show photography to see how it would do. To see how it went check the video out.

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11 thoughts on “Fujinon XF200 f/2.0 review: THE Fujifilm telephoto lens

  1. This gotta be amazing lens. However I can't justify the cost.
    I've shot 300mm FF lenses for sports, and I had shot fashion in the similar fashion like you in this video, on some occasions even with flashes !!! But I still cannot justify the cost from my own pocket, if I'm not sure the lens will instantly make money.
    I guess for some time I'll have to stick to vintage lenses and adapters in occasions like this. Loved the video do, like always 😊

  2. I think those shots were outstanding. Great work by the three of you. Question: doesn't such a special lens give you a special feeling when shooting and does that in fluence your work?

  3. Such an interesting lens…but such a price tag. Would 135mm (200mm equivalent) work better for show photos? Will you take this lens out and about for street shooting? Quebec city is so intriguing, hope to see more with this lens

  4. Great review and awesome results Jacques. I’d be interested to see the difference in IQ between this lens and a slower but more compact 200 – for this type of shoot.

  5. Let me be the first…great vid. I am Jealous…the lens is out of my price range. But I can dream…
    Keep up the good work and keep em flying J.G.
    Look forward to the next one.

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