Fujinon XF 35mm F2: IQ Breakdown + Review | Photographer Dustin Abbott breaks down the image quality, autofocus, and video performance of the Fujinon XF 35mm F2. Reviewed on the new Fujifilm X-T3. Visit the Image Gallery:

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35 thoughts on “Fujinon XF 35mm F2: IQ Breakdown + Review | 4K

  1. Thank you Mr A …. think I am about to click the ‘buy now’ button …. superb reviews (this and the initial overview) – 😊

  2. I am a newer subscriber and have watched several of your videos. I have to say your reviews seem unbiased and have a great depth of info. Thank you for the time you put into your videos. Wish you much success

  3. This was the first prime I bought for my Fuji. It came with two zoom kit lenses in the package I bought. Solid lens, good build quality. One thing you did not mention that I noticed is the weather sealing. Rather critical for me as I shoot mostly outdoors and I live in Florida which rains often and unpredictably. It is the only weather resistant lens that I own, I need to buy one more WR lens at least.

  4. Question guys , why is the xf 23 mm f2 $450 and this 35mm f2 $400 ? Is the 23 mm superior in quality or something ? They both seem to be about the same build to me other then focal length .

  5. great lens the 35 f2 and the 50 f2 quick light hight quality recently added the 16 f2.8 all unbelievable. But it was the 35 f2 lens that got me to purchase the others performance is really great

  6. With as much as the word microcontrast is said in this, have you thought about maybe doing a video on what exactly it is? I think it would be helpful to have someone with your cadence and way of explaining things go over it with visual examples. (I know what it is, but I've never seen someone properly show the difference between it and sharpness.)

  7. Reviewing the 35 f2 now Dustin. Gotta get my popcorn and put this one on the big screen. My 35 f2 plays musical chairs with my Xpro1 and XT3. Stellar lens.

  8. I have to say as an A6500 owner I'm really jealous of the what Fuji are bringing to the table for their crop sensor cameras and customers. Looks to be a stunning lens.

  9. I know for Fuji shooters it's some kind of a big debate weather the f/2 or the f/1.4 versions of the standard primes are the way to go. From your test, unless I'm shooting regularly in the night, I cannot imagine I would need a "better" lens than this one lol

  10. Great clear and precise reviews 🥰! The XF 35mm f2 is the only native fuji lens I have for my X-Pro (my main system is Sony A and E/FE). I am wishing to buy a more wide angle lens for landscapes the Fujinon XF 18mm f2 R and would love to see your review of it (it seems not having a good reputation then I am hesitant to buy it 🤔).

  11. I had trouble deciding how to frame and compose shots with this one. I've never been a 50mm fan… I'm more of a 35mm & 85mm guy. That being said, this is the best-feeling Fuji lens I've ever used. The size, rings, and overall build quality are just phenomenal.

  12. Dustin, excellent review and coverage as usual! As a current Sony user of FF and APS-C, and strongly considering Fuji at this time for several reasons — I greatly appreciate all of your recent coverage of Fuji. Hope to see a review of the X-T30 in the near future. Thank you!

  13. Terrific review as always. I don’t often use my 35f2, but when I download the images from a trip, I often realize that those are the most pleasing to me. It’s terrifically sharp, with wonderful contrast and colors. It’s just a really nice focal length too with the equiv of 52mm FF. I would consider it one of those “must have” lenses in the Fuji lineup along with the 16 f1.4 and 90f2.

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