11 wishlist items for the Fujifilm X100F successor: X100V?
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Whilst walking around Ginza in Tokyo, Japan, I share 11 items I have on my wishlist for a successor to the Fujifilm X100F; rumoured to be released later in 2019.

I’ve absolutely loved my Fujifilm X100F over the past couple of years since first buying it in Japan. It’s been the gateway drug into the Fujifilm ecosystem for me and I’ve honestly never looked back. It’s still the most enjoyable camera I’ve ever owned and it would seem to be popular among you guys too!

Every single time I feature it within a video, it generates so much discussion and attention. It’s kind of silly really, because my Fujifilm X-H1 with the 23mmF2 can produce the same, if not better images than my X100F, but that camera receives far less attention!

Following on from the success of this camera, I thought I would share 11 updates I would love to see in the next Fujifilm X100F, I’m predicting to be called the X100V. Let me know what you think of these incremental changes and if you have any desires of your own!

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37 thoughts on “FUJIFILM X100V? 11 Thoughts…

  1. A summary of the comments + 35mm lens clarification below
    Thanks for all your thoughts on what you'd like to see and what you think should remain the same, in this theoretical upgrade to the X100F! It's great having different perspectives from different types of shooters. The crowd seems pretty supportive of the idea for weather sealing. A tilting screen has very mixed reviews, some would love it, some don't mind but probably wouldn't use it, and some absolutely hate the idea of it. All the other items seem to have varied response. There's also a huge call for the whole lens to be redesigned, with physical focus markers printed directly and more accurate manual support. I definitely welcome those additions too!

    35mm lens option
    My comment about having a 35mm lens seems to be getting confused by people. A lot of people like to bring up the idea of full-frame equivalence. Stating that the 23mm in the X100F is 35mm. 23mm is 23mm. Yes, there is the context of crop-factor, but that changes the angle of view, not the length of the lens. I never speak in "full-frame equivalent" because it's actually fairly redundant. What is absolute, however, is 23mm. That measurement doesn't change. This camera currently has 23mm, I know how it looks and performs; I'd like it to be 35mm. Comparing crop-factors and making calculations, then stating lenses as different measurement just further confuses things. Especially considering all Fujifilm X-Series cameras utilise the same size sensor. The very cameras I am comparing to when I say I enjoy shooting 35mm. 35mm doesn't inherently have a specific "look" to it across all brands/sensor sizes, it is simply the physical measurement between the sensor and the cross point of the glass at infinity focus. Sensor size with the lens dictates the look/field of view, but it doesn't change the measurement. The key here is the context for the camera it is being used on; a visual understanding that shifts from MFT, APS-C to Full-frame and medium format with the same measurement etc. I guess my wording may have been better understood if I said: "I love shooting at 35mm on Fujifilm". I use the term "native", meaning I don't want to attach a teleconverter adapter to my X100F to reach 35mm.

    When I talk about focal length, I talk about it on the camera it's on. I understand people may like to make calculations to visualise the field of view I'm referring to, based on their own experience/camera, but mm is mm. Placing the same lens on different sensors doesn't change its absolute measure, only its context.

  2. Thank you for the video, very interesting. I do disagree changes of the look, tilt screen, removing the leather cover, these gave the character to the camera. I think the things missing is a faster lens, and moving the "q" button somewhere else. Enable bluetooth, update the usb to usb-c. If they improve the depth of the grip it would be great as well.

  3. I would like the same exact camera with a 50mm lens.
    All I ever need is a 35mm and 75mm equivalent lenses (close enough to 85mm for me).

  4. bigger battery, 30mp senser, Raw digital zoom, weather sealed, new sharper lens 23mm or 35mm lens and faster AF and better eye AF

  5. The number one improvement of course is the processor and the fixed lens. This will make the autofocus super fast and then it will be a beast for filming. At the moment, the auto focus is slow and filming is not great.

  6. I mainly shoot street photography and the reasons I never got the X100 was the lack of weather sealing and no flip out screen! Oh and the faux leather has to go.

  7. Fujifilm X100V

    1. Weather Sealing
    2. IBIS
    3. Higher Definition EVF (OLED)
    4. Dedicated ISO
    5. Thumb Grip
    6. Improved 23f2
    7. Bluetooth
    8. Longer Battery Life (Same Battery)
    9. Tilting Touch Screen
    10. USB-C
    11. Dual SD Slots
    12. 3.5mm Headphone
    13. High Quality Crop 50mm and 75mm
    14. GPS
    15. Improved Shutter Button
    16. Remove Optical Viewfinder (Reduce size similar to X-E3)

  8. I think the leaf shutter, exposing the light to sensor as your eye sees, is the difference. So no other Fugifilm cameras will render the same, the will all be inferior.

  9. it would be nice to have:
    – tilt screen
    – newer sharper lens, especially wide open
    – weather sealing
    – snap focus as on Ricoh GR s

    … then there is the dream, but I doubt it will come true: a full frame 40 mpx bayer sensor. But even an APS-C with more than 30 mpx will be welcome.

  10. 1. articulating screen.
    2. weather sealing.
    3. dedicated ISO dial. This might be asking for too much. I never use the EV compensation dial.

  11. I hope it will be faster than the X100f! Especially in the dark.

    I also hope that the camera has a full, back button focus option like the XT series. The X100f still does a lightning metering on Back button focus and that’s also slowing the camera.

  12. The sticky shutter button problem is terrible. This should be the number one priority.

    I never had this problem with the original x100 or the x100t. I’ve had it on my x100f and had to send to fujifilm twice for them to actually acknowledge it. They fixed it, however it started to happen again about a month later. I really can’t be bothered sending it in a third time. I’ve missed several shots because of it – frustrating to say the least 😭

  13. I am not sure if it is possible to implement weather sealing on this camera. With so many wheels, dials, and other moving parts, the sealing will be really complex. Ricoh GR III cannot do it. Leica Q2 is weather sealed. But the Leica has much simpler controls.

  14. A new, better version of 23mm f 2 would be nice. Also, agree about 35mm option(s), all do personally I'd rather see 18 or even 16mm option, what's now, once 16mm f2,8 is out, totally feasible.
    And yes, titanium coloured version would be awesome. 😁

  15. personally, I love the look of this camera, particularly the brown/silver and black/silver versions and like the pleather finish. Not a fan of industrial looking equipment (or houses) so gun metal smooth look would have no special appeal for me over other purely functional designs (like Sony's). If the new version were to be weather-sealed with an improved EVF (don't care about the optical option) and a tilt or flippy screen I would snap it up if the price was not outlandish (within a couple of hundred dollars of the 100F list price). I would like a separate ISO wheel if possible but could live with the current one. I'd also be OK with either a good 18mm or 23 mm lens as most of my street and indoor shots are in this range. 35mm would be too narrow for me for general walkaround use. Don't care about 4K or sophisticated video capability as I would use this camera almost exclusively for stills. Picky, eh ? :-))

  16. Love my X100F, but there are still things to be desired: 1. Tilt screen, like the X70. This may be my biggest gripe. Even better would be a fully rotating touch screen like on the Canon G5X. 2. People will now say that I don’t understand the concept, but I would like the fixed 23mm lens to be changed to a 23-75mm zoom lens. 3. Better, well, make that far better, video capabilities. Currently, it sucks in that department. 4. Better AF capabilities, since it’s prone to hunting (not dramatically, but still).

  17. Hey Joe, I watched one of your videos ages ago where you bought some camera equipment in japan for cheap and said when you got back home you could claim money back? Maybe I'm remembering it wrong, but could you explain in more detail? My friend is going to japan and asked if I wanted to make a list.
    Thanks, Love this channel! 😀

  18. And I hope the software guys at Fuji are coming out with an actual usable blue-tooth smart phone app with set and forget auto-transfer. The wifi version they have now is one star out of five and the worst, most user unfriendly one on the market. You'll need that for the LCD-less premium version of the X200 anyway.

  19. I doubt Fuji will come out with an X100V. There will have to be a major redesign this go-round which would bump it up to the X200. The rangefinder style may be loosing some market share. Look for some kind of combination of the X-Pro and X100 series. Hopefully they loose the silly dip on the X-Pro dial deck that makes it look like a wedge. Maybe half way in price and size. Silver and black at least. No point in keeping the myth that a new rangefinder will still be a co-flagship. They already have 4 of those now.  

    New fast lens, maybe even interchangeable. If not the latter I'd love to see a fast reinvention of the famous fixed 40mm f1.7 (27mm f1.4.). Keep the lens leaf and keep the ND filter, but they'll have to upgrade the lens.  The present 23mm is okay but let's face it, of the three versions of a 23mm Fuji makes it's soft wide open and so what's the point of an ND filter? All these changes would call for a new series name.  

    Please no tilty screen. We don't need the extra size and weight. If some people out there want or need that then buy an X-T-30. And if they come out with an interchangeable lens version PLEASE Fuji, make the silver version match the silver f2 lenses…PLEASE. Having silver lenses that don't match any of the cameras is really B team.

    I know there must be someone else thinking: I'd love to see them come out with a version with NO LCD and a foo film advance/thumb rest lever like the Leica M10-D. I'm not sure how Leica could sue over something that didn't really even have a function. Come on Fuji, show some guts. Take a chance. You started this retro thing, now finish it. Bet you'd sell a bunch. I'll guarantee one sale right here and now and I'd pay a $200 premium toward the limited production cost.

  20. Move Q button, weather seal, bump up size and megapixel of EVF, and display, add macro ring to lens, and improve lens to 1.4. Make dials on top bigger easer to read. Ok to enlarge it a little, do NOT put a tilt or flippy display on it!

  21. Keep Keep the 23 mm focal length, why go to a 35? u have the conversion lenses for that already, I d like a 20/21 equivalent, as one had with the x70. Like t see an update to the x 70, . Make both the x80, and x100v weather sealed, that all

  22. The most annoying thing on x100f is the texture of the leather on front of it. It looks so outdated. Yes the design philosophy of Fuji is some kind of traditional but this type of material does not look only traditional but also too much retro. I think Leica is better at balancing traditional look and up to date techy look. I want old style controls but in a more modern body.

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