As I prepare to return the ‘Pocket Rocket’ X-T30 back to Fujifilm Canada here are my final thoughts on this amazing little mirrorless camera. I’m a huge fan of the sensor + processor combination, a big leap in horsepower over the previous processor. In terms of the ergonomics of the X-T30, obviously to pack this much power in such a small form factor, compromises had to be made. Single card slot, small thumb space, cramped buttons and dials, smaller EVF, no weather-sealing. However, for the price you’re getting a bargain, especially if you’re currently shooting Fujifilm and want the latest sensor and processor. My advice is to try the X-T10 or X-T20 for size if you can’t get a hold of the X-T30 and see if you can live with the smaller form factor and EVF. Having both the X-T3 and X-H1, it was hard for me to choose the X-T30 over Fujifilm’s professional bodies, especially when it came to work. However, if push came to shove, the X-T30 can perform just like it’s big brother the X-T3. Sorry for the late release of this video. I shot this a couple of months ago, and then ended up taking the X-T30 and XF 16mm f/2.8 R WR with me to Hong Kong. Because of this I held back my review. Check out my video on the XF16mm lens as I have additional things to say about the X-T30. Thanks for watching and happy shooting!!

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** Edited in iMovie using the 2015 MBP 13″.


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30 thoughts on “Fujifilm X-T30 Final Thoughts

  1. I've had the X-T30 for 2 months now:
    – I never push the Q button by accident
    – I use the grip when I need more to hold
    – I put the pancake on and take the grip off when I shoot for my personal life
    – Great light combo with the 35mm F2
    – Eye focus is good BUT not always perfect. About 70-80% reliable depending on how much you move. Hard to predict when it will work and when it won't
    – I shoot portraits so single SD card slot is fine. Although I would love dual.
    – I love how it doesn't feel like a 'tool' to my like my old canon 6D does, but the XT3 does too. It feels like I'm working when I use those (and I mean, I am), but the XT30 feels like… like a beautiful thing to make beautiful things with.
    – It overheated once when it was REALLY hot and I shot a LOT. It couldn't write to the SD card for a few moments. Weird. Maybe it was the SD card
    – I'm pretty darn happy with it. Especially when I use the raws on Velvia or Astia and edit them to black and white too
    – Battery is WAY better than expected. I shoot a lot pretty fast, and I've made up to 700 images on a single charge of the original battery. Maybe because I shoot so fast it takes less battery per shot?
    – I can recommend this for people for whom the feeling of having fun is more important than getting the absolute best quality and usability. For me I used to be all about the latter but I realized I'm a lot happier with something that's good and also FEELS good. When I use this camera I just have fun. When I use my canon I'm working (and of course still having fun) but… it's like I'm carrying around a hammer instead of a beautiful wooden paint brush.

  2. Great video and subbed! I've found this brand new for just £150 less than an X-H1 with a battery grip second hand. I'm looking on getting either as a second body for the XT3 for video work and maybe some street photography in mixed weather Edinburgh, Scotland. I've just read your article on the X-H1 vs XT3 on Fujilove which was great and helpful, but with the pricing so close, what do you think I should do? Would the X-H1 be easy to match up as a b-cam to a tripod XT3 and would i be 'future proofing' more with the xt-30?

  3. I have the xt20 that I will be selling because I now wear glasses and the center mounted viewfinder with it's eyepoint doesn't work for me. I can't see the whole view. I like a side mounted viewfinder, but passed on the xe3 because of the lack of flash, and wasn't sure about the swipe functions. Just returned an xf10 partially because the swipe barely worked for me. Had an xe1 a couple years ago that I loved (but lacked decent video for family use). x-t20 ergos aren't good compared to the x-e1. I am currently using a Panasonic gx85. I can see the entire side mounted viewfinder with glasses on. It is a very nice camera for the price, but have enjoyed Fuji in the past. Just seems that their direction is towards higher tech, but dropping the simple features I enjoy while doing it. I have kept several lenses in case Fuji has something that ticks the boxes for me in the future.

    Glasses wearers…what are your thoughts on x-e2(s), x-e3, x-t2, future side mounted evf models.

  4. I went to Sweden for a corporate job to do photos and video. I decided it would be wise to get an X-T30 as a back-up. I ended up having the X-T3 on a gimbal and then the X-T30 as a photo camera and it made the process so much easier to pick up and put down! It is also fun to mention having a "big" lens (in Fuji world) like the 56mm 1.2 looks way smaller on the X-T30 body. Overall, the project was very successful!

  5. Thank you, this is a very informative review. You have helped me make a very important decision and actually prevented me from making a mistake. Thank you very much.

  6. I always go back and forth with the X-Txx line and always end up with the X-T(x) or the X-E line. I lately have been downsizing and upgrading my bodies. Just got the X-H1 and was looking at the T30 as a everyday or second shooter (I know, 2 Mp difference), but I am hoping the X-E4 will be coming soon with the new 26Mp sensor and processor because it would be a perfect backpacking companion for landscapes as well as an everyday street shooter.

  7. Highly recommend the L-bracket grip for the smaller X-T30. Gives it enough space for all of your fingers and better ergonomics.
    It also has the arca swiss mount built in, so you can put it on a tripod and still have access to the card slot.

  8. I added a leather half case for better ergonomics to the X-T30 and it made a huge difference. Its a great little camera that takes outstanding images at a great price..

  9. The XT-20/XT-30 series of camera have been perfect for me as far as form factor goes. I've adjusted to being able to carry them comfortably without issue. However the XT3 has one feature that I truly need which is the extra orientation for the flip-out screen. perhaps the higher resolution and magnification EVF will a be a bonus. great review!!

  10. "..Everything else in terms of video features if it's not here it's because it's just a smaller body and it just isn't able to handle a lot of that the thermal cooling issue…" Come on…., it's because the X-T30 is cheaper and Fuji wants to keep on selling the X-T3.

  11. Hey T,
    on the tripod QD plate I run into that problem on my small cameras as well, I just mount the plate with the long side parallel to the lens instead of parallel to the floor plate. that method works on my Canon 200D which has the card in the battery compartment. or just use a big SD card 😁
    I use a 64GB and can go all day.
    ps I had a few Minolta's back in the 80's I think mine were Maxxums?

  12. I bought an X-T30. Sold it, about a week later. It does amazing video. Images look good. But the ergonomics are just awful. Probably some of the worst I have ever experienced on a camera (it may be tied with the original Sony A7). The viewfinder is also just far too small. I didn't think it would be such a big issue for me, but it ended up being a pretty big deal.
    I was going to replace it with the X-T3, but ended up buying the X-H1 (after testing it side by side with the X-T3).
    One note on that; though the continuous auto focus tracking in video is much improved with the X-T30 and X-T3, and though the video specs are a bit better, I have actually found that the image quality is not any better. In fact, when pushed to the extremes (low light, high ISO, etc), the X-T20/X-T2/X-H1 series of sensor and processor seem to put out slightly better results.
    I'm also a little bummed that the X-T30/X-T3 are now made in China. Feels like Fuji lost one of their biggest selling points.

  13. Second! Love my XT30 (switched from the XT3 believe it or not)for me it’s important to be stealth and less noticeable. Loved my xt3 but it ended up being the same size as my EOS R (with the metal hand grip). So the fact that the xt30 is small but has xt3 guts is awesome. So the xt3 has a pop up flash which helps! Both are great tools though. I just prefer as small as possible!

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