I’ve been using the Fuji X-T30 for about a month alongside my X-T3 and replacing my X-T20, which was my previous back up camera. This isn’t an in-depth review of all the cameras details and features or a technical break down image quality or a comparison with other cameras. Instead, it’s an overview of how good I feel the X-T30 is for shooting landscapes, and how it compares with the X-T3 and X-T20

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Camera & Lens:
Fuji X-T30
Fuji X-T3
Fuji XF10-24mm
Fuji XF18-55mm
Fuji XF55-200mm

Mavic 2 Pro

Bits & Pieces
Microphone = Rødelink Filmmaker Kit
Gitzo Traveller Series 1 Tripod
Camera insert for backpack


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42 thoughts on “Fujifilm X-T30 – A Practical Comparison with the X-T3 & X-T20

  1. I was wondering if you have thoughts on how the smaller body X-T30 would handle a larger lens such as the XF 100-400 (hand held) vs. the X-T3 and the same lens? Thank you for another great video. I really appreciate your real world approach on usability and not so much on just the specs.

  2. Looooved this video! Just Got my own Fujifilm X-T3 and this video is part of the reason. I actually did a video with my first impression of the camera, and I gotta day, I was surprised. I’ve used canon my whole photography life, but it’s always felt like the shoe didn’t quite fit right with me. The style and feeling of canon just wasn’t my cup of tea. Now the shoe finally fits and I feel more motivated than ever, with my Fuji xt3.

  3. thank you for your efforts and the sharing. your vids are always informative and lovely to watch. my question pertains to the 8bit quality of the f-log footage. in other cameras which shoot a log format, with 8bit footage there often is banding across skies and other large swatches without contrast. 10bit footage offers just enough bit depth that such banding issues are resolved. what has been your experience grading the 8bit fuji f-log? thumbs up.

  4. How does the X-T30 feel with the 10-24 mounted on it? I'm searching for a very small and portable kit, and my only concern is the 10-24 that's too big. Alternativily, I should buy the X-T30 + 18-55 and the 14mm prime for wide angle shots

  5. Could you compare it to D850 or other Nikon cameras? I have D850 and consider to buy a Fujifilm as a backup camera and for video. Good idea? 20 min 4k is not enough though…but the video characteristics are amazing. Do you use Atomos ninja 5 or is it enough?

  6. Hands down best YouTube channel I've seen so far. Practical. Detailed. Your voice sounds like a doctor, so calming and soothing. And your technique is as brilliant as a doctor. Hope you could produce more videos and we can learn more about photography from you!! Thank you Andy!

  7. I’m still having a dilemma to choose between the xt3 and xt30. I have been using the xt1 in the past 4 years and I’m really happy with the IQ. The main reason I want to upgrade is for the better AF since I take photo of my kids a lot.

  8. hello beautiful video, I want to buy this machine and I found the version with kit 15/45 recommend it as a goal? because I see reviews only with 18/55

  9. hello i have a question, please maybe you can help me to decide what to choose. I never owned Fuji camera so I don't have any experience to shoot on them and the only thing I know from articles or from YouTube videos that Fuji cameras has one of the best picture quality in a market actually the picture quality is kind of unique so that is why I'm interested to buy one of them and that's why I need advice what to choose, i am a food photographer and mostly i am going to shoot in restaurants or in my studio, so i'm not botherd that it's not weather seald or don't have crazy video specification, what i'm most intersted is pcture quality, will you recommend me to save some mony for the good lens and buy for example Fuji x-120 or x-t30 or Fuji x-t3

  10. I really appreciate the way you've reviewed this – through your own experience of using it rather than through metrics that really don't relate to what I want from a camera. Far more useful than most reviews. Thanks.

  11. Thanks Andy, this was a GREAT and very informative review of the X-T30 comparisons with the X-T20 and X-T3. THANK YOU for including video footage and photos for comparison purposes! BTW, I remembered you mentioned the gentleman than walked into your cliffs shots by accident- I actually liked him in the shots! Besides adding a size/height perspective to the shot, him standing alone on a cliff watching this great sunrise gave the shot an ethereal effect for me. Add one more subscriber to your channel tally!

  12. I was debating between Sony a6400, Panasonic GX9 and Fuji X-T30 for my upcoming trip to the Dolomite, and this is one of the best reviews for mid-priced enthusiast mirrorless camera I was looking for.
    I used to be a retoucher so I would rather see what the camera could capture for post production rather than fidgeting hundreds of capture modes…so that part of video was very helpful. Most reviews on aforementioned cameras focus on Sony's 4K Video feature…which I was not interested at all and the color seemed a bit strange sometimes. I will be hiking ragged terrain on via ferrata / climbing so I really didn't want a big "feel-good" camera either so probably no X-T3 for me 🙂
    As for the lens, I want it to be smallest profile possible – I rarely zoom anyway. what is the trade offs of having a "pancake" style lens as opposed to a kit lens / other lens ? Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you !

  13. Hi all, was looking at the XT-30 on fiji's website, and came across the factory refurbished cameras. These were £200 ish under the "new" counterparts, are the refurbished cameras reliable etc…?

  14. Thanks for addressing inclement weather use with the X-T20. I'm heading to the Faroe Islands next month and was considering upgrading to the X-T3 for weather sealing, but I'd rather put the money towards the XF 10-24 lens. Based on your comments, I'm not as paranoid about moisture as I was and think I'll be fine w/ a plastic cover when in misty conditions.

  15. How about the XT-2? In Amazon US is now about $100 cheaper than the XT-30, not sure which one to upgrade to up from the XT100. The XT-2 has better features for what I have found out, but it is a 3+ year old camera already, so not sure if it would be better to get newer tech with the XT-30 instead.

    I would go with the XT-3 but it is $500-600 more expensive than those two cameras right now. Trying to save some money for lenses.

  16. Xt2 or xt30? they are priced similar where I live. Ease of use pls I think the xt30 is missing some dials? Is it easy to operate then? Compared to the xt2. Am I missing out on a whole lot of features between xt2 and xt30? I do shoot portraits scenery and plan on doing vlogs. So can the xt2 handle all that well or is the xt30 better in those aspect? In terms of weight is the xt2 a lot heavier than xt30?

  17. Fuji xt3 is able to handle noise very well, does Fuji XT30 have the same capabilities as XT3 in this case? Or even under xt3? I want answers based on night shot usage experience not only based on the similarity of the sensors they use

  18. Hey Andy, thanks a lot for the best review about the x-t30 i've seen so far. Regargind video comparison with the xt3. You can easily use them together? that is, if you shoot best quality in both: 10 bit h265 flog on the xt3 and h.264 8 bit flog and you feel like you can match them quite easily? and the quality is similar regard dinamic range? I am plenty satisfied on the still sides and will use it as a hobbyst mainly, but I do have intentions use it once in a while as pro camera for video and I am not sure how much I can rely on it. your input would help me a lot. Thanks!

  19. Thanks Andy for a very informative video. It was your video comparing the x-t20 and x-t2 that convinced me to buy the ‘20 but as a stills shooter I’ll pass on the upgrade to the x-t30 !

  20. Hello Andy, thank you for all of your video content. I see you are using Lightroom for the photo edit and would like to ask whether you have any issues like the worms artifacts, image softness or blurring in the Lightroom ? I am asking because some people tell the LR butchers Fuji RAfs, others say that the problem was resolved in the recent version of LR.

  21. I am really enjoying these reviews on the Fuji cameras, I am assuming that all shots where on a tripod? As I read some reviews on dpreview.com it stated that the Fuji crop sensor is one of the best they have tested that gives even the JPG images a clean output with good information. Have you done JPG shots on these cameras? Thanks for the comparison on this review.

  22. Hello Andy I've got a stupid question I can't help to ask anyway: I've been having a Panasonic Lumix FZ300 (a typical point and shoot camera) for the last 4 years since that was the only camera I could afford (yep I was poor and still am) , but I get very often frustrated by it (definition, vignetting, absence of "magic" in the lens etc….), I project to try to save some money for the Fujifilm X-T3, first with the kit lens, and when I'll have the money getting the 10-24mm and 55-200 mm later on (I'm mainly a landscape photographer). Do you think I need to continue on this project of getting the X-T3, or should I continue with the Lumix? Or even would it be a wise choice to get the X-T30 since I'm on a budget?

  23. Andy great video thanks. I appreciate you don’t use the built in flash very much (at all?) as a landscape photographer but could you still tell us what you think of it and show some samples. I can’t find a review of it anywhere and it is one of the attractions of the XT30? Many thanks Chris

  24. Hi Andy,
    As a fellow Fuji user (X-T20), I was wondering how you sharpen your images in Lightroom (or in another program), as the worms and artifacts tend to cause problems for me. As always, great video, and I look forward to the next ones!

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