Natural light Portrait session with the new X-Pro3. How do you like that Classic Negative? Thanks to @keepingitkeira for helping out on this video! Also a big thanks to Fujifilm Canada.
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Half Black –
Dura SIlver-
Dura Black-

Other lenses used:
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Tamron: 17-28 f2.8:
Sony 24-70 f2.8GM:

Tamron: 17-28 f2.8:
Sony 24-70 f2.8GM:

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20 thoughts on “Fujifilm X-Pro 3 – Natural Light Portrait Shoot – Zlog

  1. Man just picked up my 6D original. There's Canon colours… Then there's Fujifilm colours. Epic shoot, great photographer, beautiful model, hats off from Ontario bro!

  2. Cool vidéo! What’s your opinion on the « greasy » body due to the dura black material. This seems to catch a lot of dust etc really fast, for this reason I’m not sure if the dura version is a good idea versus the regular one. Yes it’s scratch free, but having a really dirty camera isn’t nice in a professional environment. Would like to have your feedback on it. Thanks

  3. Gahh… Classic Negative is so good. Capture One now offers it on X-T3 files, so I'm re-editing some favorites with it applied. Better than Classic Chrome…

  4. Call me crazy but I would much prefer this camera with no LCD screen at all like the Leica MD (but keeping the new little screen on the back) and with a straight L shape angle on its right side like the X100f. I love my XPro2 but this design going lower towards the right is something that really bothers me a lot.
    Other than that, no need to change this camera’s design anymore.
    Correct me if I’m wrong but I feel that Fuji is attempting to touch a niche market (and I think they should) however, they are doing it in a subtle, shy and almost afraid way. I believe they would be much more innovative if they make the changes I suggest above so the customers would appreciate even more the X-Pro3. They could just keep the production and the price of the X-Pro2 for those who really need or want the LCD and offer a new and really innovative, challenging, desired and special X-Pro3 (with those changes I mentioned) for the, let’s say, different level photographers, a different breed… The way Fuji is doing it now will scare the average photographers (because the screen is weird) and make the more experienced ones skeptical about the camera because the screen is necessary (almost useless) for them.
    I currently own a good deal of Fujifilm cameras and lenses (X100S, X100T, X100F, X-T1, X-T2, X-T3, X-Pro2, X-H1, XF-14mm f2.8, XF-16mm f2.8, XF-23mm f2, XF-35mm f2, XF-50mm f/2, XF-10-24mm f4, XF-16-55mm f2.8, XF-50-140mm f2.8 and XF-100‑400mm f/4.5‑5.6) so I believe I can say that I know Fujifilm products enough and that I have been observing how Fuji progresses in its camera lineup and that’s how I feel about it.
    Fuji is proposing that this camera is for more experienced or purist photographers, right? This kind of photographers usually spend their time setting up their cameras before the shooting and don’t waste their time looking at the screen, sweeping, changing unnecessary settings as if shooting with a phone. The X-Pro 3 with no LCD at all could be setup prior to the shooting and when necessary changes are needed it could be done with the dials and bottoms at camera because they are more than enough to change the setting we usually need when shooting (ISO, exp. comp., ss, film s, and aperture on the lens). Really, why do we really need the LCD for the kind of photography that they are advertising the camera for? And this little appeal saying that the camera can be used at waste level is BS. It sounds like the designer team was needing some extra excuse to convince others about the design during the meeting at Fuji and someone who was quiet all the time just said: “look! It also can be used on waste level for more discrete shooting! Like a TLR CAMERA! Isn’t it cool?” It doesn’t look like it was previously thought… If someone really need the LCD, then the right camera should be the X-T3. I thing Fuji is taking a “strange” and risky move. Or maybe its just me being crazy… lol

  5. What is it like to focus and recompose? I can't imagine how it feels to use a rangefinder, coming from x-T1, x-pro3 looks dang good

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