Fujifilm Instax Unboxing and review.

Laurel has been eating on of these cameras so we told her she would have to save up her money and earn the camera. So she wanted to sell lemonade at a yard sale and she made $36, her uncle from out of town gave her $5, Papa Jerry gave her $2, Papa Steven gave her like $9ish lol, and she had $20 for babysitting. So she would only $15 or $20 short so we helped her out and she didn’t get babysitting money the next two weeks.

She loves the camera and love filling up her photo album.

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17 thoughts on “Fujifilm Instax Unboxing and review.

  1. Nice Kamera..
    Great review, I love how ya'll are having a conversations.
    Enjoyed watching your video …stay connected my friend

  2. You're so cute 💖 💖 💖 you got a new camera, I enjoyed watching your video! full review! thanks so much for your great support! Looking forward to your next one! Have a fantastic day dear!

  3. Great review, I love how ya'll are having a conversations.
    Mom don't take my picture 🤣😂🤣 sounds like me

  4. Wow looks awesome!! Love she made her own money 👍 omg the lemonade stand 😉 we always stop to support the little ones selling at the side road ♡

  5. I am so happy Laurel finally got the camera she wanted. Looks like the lemonade stand and your family helped a lot. So sweet.

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