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42 thoughts on “FUJIFILM Instax Mini LiPlay

  1. This whole camera is pointless. If you want mini instant film pics, just buy the SP2 printer and shoot the pics with your smartphone. The remote shooting feature is useless without a tripod and your going to be holding your phone in ever pic which is just dumb. Better yet, avoid this camera altogether and get a legit instant camera, not a digital camera.

  2. Hi I just got mine! im not sure if its charging though? the light turns on for like 2 mins and then it turns off? im so confused. did you have this problem too?

  3. please help me…!!im going to buy SQ20 THIS WEEKS but…liPlay looks kinda great…!help me which one is better…!i need help ASAP!HELP ME!!!

  4. Hey, thanks for the great review? I was wondering if you would tell me what camera did you use to record this video? thanks a bunch!

  5. I bought my daughter an Instax mini9 for her birthday and I can tell she wants to love it but the pictures stink lol. I think I’ll upgrade her to this for Christmas

  6. maybe you could use those phone mounts for ur cars? the ones that grab the sides of ur phone and attach to the AC vent lol? somehow makeshift attach it to an already existing tripod lol

  7. I am not addicted to taking pictures with instax cameras, but I like images from instax a lot.

    Thinking about buying LiPlay or Share SP-2
    In addition to being a camera and able to record audio into images
    Is there anything I want to buy LiPlay again?

    Would like to give a comparative review

  8. Hey great video ! thanks for sharing. Question.. Does it print in wide mode? Or can you turn the camera sideways and get that affect?

  9. is it just me or when the camera first came out i thought of Jimin immediately because he has always wanted a camera that you could hear the sounds and he was prepared to give all his money for it. And yet here it is!!

  10. i like the compact design and features but this is definitely contender for ugliest instax camera imo

  11. There is one thing I've realized about this liplay.. Once I had deleted the QR coded pictures on my Liplay app, I can't access the QR code anymore.

  12. I really love your review on this! But I’m debating on buying Liplay or SQ6. So which is which? In terms of quality, filters.

  13. meh it only comes in girly colors and it's really big and worst of all, it has NO Lomography filters. they missed SUCH AN OPPORTUNITY to sell to Lomography/vintage filter enthusiasts. blehhhhhhhh.

  14. I love watching your videos even if I don't even have instant film camera. This cam is really beautiful and I'm thinking of buying one but it's too expensive for a beginner like me.

  15. New camera 😀 😀 :D, Like SQ 10, is amazing, thank you for the video, Instax mini LiPlay is just i need, you are the best in youtube:D

  16. I also had a fit about not having a tripod mount so a friend of mine went ahead and made me a cradle from an unused flash diffuser. Maybe you can try something DIY too 🙂 great review!

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