Join Photographer Seth Miranda @LastXwitness in Tokyo Japan as he gets his hands on the New Fujifilm GFX 100 medium format camera. With only a day to try this pre production model check out some behind the scenes of the product shots while on location as well as his use of the GFX 100 to document his own tattoo experience while staying in Japan.

Check Out the Fujifilm GFX 100 here

Check Out Seth Miranda here

Check Out Horimitsu here

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29 thoughts on “Fujifilm GFX100 | Japan 2019

  1. I was surprised at this video. The Irezumi (Japanese tattoos) are not common in Japan, so some people are scared when they see the symbols.
    For that reason, it is infrequent to broadcast Irezumi treatment patterns in Japan, and even today, there are many cases where tattoos are not allowed in public baths.
    However, on the other hand, traditional Irezumi with high artistry are also transmitted. From now on, it may be that the Irezumi as an art given to the person who visited Japan and the foreign country.

  2. Great video, the photos look stunning. but such huge files they want to 👍 I have a tiger on my arm their grrrreat. mine is old now and could do with some new ink but got better things to buy.📸📸📸📸

  3. It is way out of my logical price range especially with the low Australian dollar it’s probably 20k with a lens. But if anyone needs a kidney, testicle or whatever just hit me up.

  4. WOW and just awesome portraits of himhe looks a real cool dude. The camera is on my when I win the lottery wishlist

  5. Always hit like!! Great video. The tattoo artist sure knows his stuff. I'm glad you could get a portrait of him in the time given. I don't think he has any trouble with clientele. Thanks for taking us with you to Japan.

  6. Thanks, Seth. Your results look great as always, with your immaculate control of the light! (Wow… More than previously expected… 200 MB per file! If these trends continue, we're all going to need some new storage technology.)

  7. Really fantastic work Seth and I'll have more money to buy a GFX100 because that looked painful enough that you've convinced me never to get a tattoo! ;-P

  8. It'll be interesting to see if any of the major players pick one up and make it their go to camera. I can see fashion photographers trying this as an alternative to the Phase Ones and the Hassies but it's certainly not for me.

  9. Wow Looks like you had a great time .. Super cool shots and a Fantastic backdrop Amazing video With the tattoo as permanent reminder… an that camera… Hey I'm slightly jealous 📸👍👍👍

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