I got a chance to shoot with the GFX100. This camera is expensive but not if you shoot medium format. Thanks to FujiFilm Canada for inviting me to check out the camera.

If you think this is the camera for you check the Pre-Order link below:

Thanks to @madvillan for shooting bts.

This is my “Youtube video kit”

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31 thoughts on “Fujifilm GFX 100 Hands On Experience

  1. Hi, what do y think about xt3 for proffesiona use in macro,extreme macro and landscape still photography. Printing not more then a3+.

  2. 3:52 that happens with me using the Canon eos rp sometimes as well when the camera wants to focus the eye which is behind on that pose. I'm starting wondering if is not better get back to a one point setup on studio portraits. Man, I don't have the money and the clients to buy a camera on this level now but Fuji seems to totally crushes with this one. Medium format with phase detection and 4k without crop. I'm not familiar with the colors this camera delivers yet, curious now. Great video 👍

  3. Hi, do you have any problem viewing the image in lightroom? I mean do you need any other software to be able to load in lightroom? Thanks

  4. Fuji is really doing it. All they need is just a faster lenses for medium format and affordable model for consumers (GFX30 Maybe).

  5. Did You have the latest firmware updates for both the body and the lenses? , that gives even better focus performance and engages the Phase detection portion of it too. I'm a Fuji ambassador here in the UK and did massive amounts of testing on various versions. 😉
    A shame you didn't get more play time with it man.

  6. Good video. So far the reviews I have seen have not been very technical from an actual shooting experience and then showing results. I like this one because we can see the setup and then the output. Please, I would love to hear your thoughts in the future about other shooting scenarios.

  7. Great video, mate. If anyone is interested, I have a kidney for sale on Australian eBay. I just have to have this camera.

  8. Nice Hands on Experience presentation. I would love to have this camera ! but My hands are tied to the Canon M50. After one month of use I don't feel like even going back to my Crop sensor DSLR !!

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