The Fujifilm GFX-100 sounds like an impressive 102-megapixel medium format mirrorless camera with 5.5 stops of in-body image stabilization. Evelyn Drake and Dave Paul from The Camera Store had a hands-on preview of a preproduction unit to get an early feel for what this new camera will be capable of.

Videography by Brendan Schmidt

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Shot on the Panasonic GH5

Evelyn Drake: @tcstvev
Dave Paul: @tcstvdave

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31 thoughts on “Fujifilm GFX-100 First Impressions Preview

  1. I´m trying to find out how much is the DLA (Diffraction Limited Aperture) for this camera, as no one is talking about that. I believe that with a pixel pitch of 3.76um (even with a BSI sensor) the DLA will be considerably low, wich can reduce the full potential (and the image quality) of this sensor in lower aperture. What is your opinion about this, and also how the sensors tech will overcome the physics?

  2. Everybody is reporting this poor finishing on the battery grip. My question is: are you guys reporting this to Fuji? They maybe have time to put a rubber cover on it.

  3. Really nice and relatable preview. You must have good rapport with Fuji to get one off campus; that speaks well. As usual you guys present relatably and pleasantly dorky…. it's a good thing. Party on.

  4. What I would like to know is is there a time lag like on the GFX-50, ie you shoot and there's a pause before the photo is taken. For a portrait photographer, this is a problem, product, not so much.

  5. Great, informative review – thanks! You should have an address for your online store in the information about the clip. If you don't have a store…. you should!

  6. Great review guys. This is a bad-ass camera. You always make 'potentially boring' tech infos exciting for shoot-for-fun people like me

  7. Ahh, this takes me back to my film days when the only truly "pro" camera was medium format or larger. Except now you need to hack into one of Google's servers just to process your images. LOL!

  8. Interesting. Is Nikon the only one brave enough to move forward past SD cards? Especially at this file size Cfexpress would be ideal

  9. I think the fact that B&H is only offering $1700 for a trade in on a less than 6 month old gfx r. Means that once you get this off the shelf it’s only worth 3k

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