Ay yo! So I just got the Fujifilm 16mm 1.4 and im loving it!

I’m “upgrading” from the Fujifilm 18.. F2, mainly because of the build quality and how hard I am on gear! Not the most scientific video but more just sharing my personal views and opinions on the lenses.

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32 thoughts on “Fujifilm 18mm F2 vs Fujifilm 16mm 1.4

  1. To add 2 cents here..a lot of the complaints about the 18 F2 come from a basic lack of understanding about lens design. The 18mm f2 has a low element count. It is not going to do a lot of lens correction. It has a aspherical 5th and 7th element. That pretty much means if your looking for edge to edge sharpness and virtually no distortion or chromatic aberration, this isn't the product for you.

    However, that molded 5th and 7th element, and low element count mean this lens at the center has that same character of the 35mm F1.4 (which people love) It will also have better colour saturation, contrast and noticeable parallax in depth of field shots.

    I believe a lot people see 18mm and think because it is wide, that it will excel at landscape..which it won't. It will however excel at documentary-esque field of view and have a lot of, 'Character' like the 35mm 1.4

    If you go into buying the 18mm F2 for those reasons, you'll really enjoy it…if you go into it hoping for edge to edge performance, you'll find it underwhelming.

    Think of the 18 f2 like the 35mm 1.4…it was designed for characteristics, not performance. In that regard, I gotta agree with your advice, the 16mm 1.4 will suit performance needs far better. If you looking for that documentary style look, the 18mm should be a lens you investigate. It's a matter of horses for courses kinda thing.

  2. I tried to love the 18mm but I just could not, impossible to make open compositions with a couple in the corner, just horrible the corners of this lens. I'm in sony but fuji always calls me.

  3. What’s your ig I been doing photography for a year and a half now I sold all my canon gear and I only shoot Fuji now I got the xt-3

  4. I saw an 18mm for $198 on Ebay and jumped on it (no customs taxes on items under $200) Love at first shot. My copy is sharp at f2. I love to shoot primes and for years I've been shooting the legendary Canon 135F2L and 50mm 1.4.. I think this is the perfect compliment to those lenses in terms of both focal length and image quality.. Like you said, this will get the job done.. Everyone swears the 16mm is the greatest thing ever, but I'll spend my money on 50 other things before I 'upgrade' from this little $200 gem

  5. I shot most photos on my site with the 18 f2 and also loved the lens. To me, the quality/size was exactly what I wanted. I also found the issues with softness I experienced at f2 with the X100 series didn't exist with the 18. Love your hat btw.

  6. Good content man 👍 I wonder how did you do to stabilize the handheld shots ? Cause my shots on handheld looks very jelly haha

  7. So I have the kit lens and am looking at adding a prime. I’m not sure what end of the spectrum would give me the most advantage over what I can already get with the kit lens. Do I go a few mm wider with the 16 f/2.8, or do I get a few stops more light/better subject separation with the other end of the spectrum with something like the 50 f/2?

  8. I own five Fuji lenses and I also shoot with a lot of vintage glass including Leica. The 18mm is a fine lens IMO. I do retro style photography, 80% in B&W, and it works really well for that style stuff. I'd almost put it in the art lens category. One important tip- It is critical to have the latest firmware update for that lens, and also your Fuji body. This lens did have severe "focus hunt" "lens chatter" issues, which the latest f/w does correct completely. I cannot say how good it is for video, as I am a stills shooter.

  9. Totally agree about ignoring gear heads. I got the xf60mm, was real nervous about it but it's probably my favorite lens. 16 1.4 a close second tho…

  10. The 16 f/1.4 is my main lens for fast low light event photography. Being able to walk into the event and take shots up close (thanks to the close focusing capabilities) is a sheer pleasure. I do find that I need the flip screen Fuji cameras for the 16 since shooting from the hip is important for controlling the to be expected distortion. I have the same lens hood to further help with getting closer since elbows would be hitting the petal hood but not this hood. I've had that wonderful lens since 2016. The 23 f/1.4 is my next main lens for these events but the 16 really adds to the excitement of the event.
    Good to hear about the 18. I'm getting it this year for other purposes.
    Enjoyed your video and looking forward to information about cases. That Condition 1 case is interesting. It might be good for storage of some of my lenses.

  11. I like these comparison type reviews. Thank you. Have the 16mm and it's become my "quick action", "up close" street lens over the 35mm f1.4.

  12. I am considering getting the 2.8 version of the 16mm since I don't really need the low light capability. Would be nice to have the creamier bokeh though. I hear the 2.8 is better for video along with being smaller and cheaper.

  13. Nice lenses, I like your videos of the models in the desert, it brings me memories of the PLAYBOY'S videos in the 80s, It was my school times of fashion photography, and I usually collected all their nude & beauty magazines and video collection, to get some ideas of clothes combinations, colors and locations! by the way I still have that collection in my home in Puerto Rico, lol… (but I live in NYC right now) Good work man!

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