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Hi everyone. Just yesterday my new lens arrived. It was only out of its box for a few minutes before I attached it to my xt3 and walked out of the house to spend the rest of a sunny day taking pictures.

It was a beautiful warm day, but being midweek it was quiet in town. It was the day of the European elections here, but I’m unsure if that’s why the streets seemed quiet. I was in my own little world, with Neil Young and Crazy Horse jamming endlessly in my headphones. I was just in this half focused, half lazy photography zone and it was wonderful.

If you haven’t tried just walking out of the house and taking pictures, you really should. You don’t need to keep your camera hidden away until something of note is expected to happen. Without sounding too much of a hippie, and I’m really not that, the outside, especially in the sunshine is always worth noting with your camera.

This is the first standard wide lens that I’ve owned since I sold the spectacular Fujifilm 16mm f1.4 lens a year or so ago. Even though I still have the slightly wider 14mm, out on the street this field of view still feels unfamiliar. When I was composing a shot, there would so often be elements at the side of the frame that I didn’t want in the picture. I’m so familiar with the the X100F and that field of view, it’s probably just going to take a bit of getting used to.

Having said that, I’m not sure if this would find its way to being my main walk around lens. But being so small and light it would be extremely convenient to have in your bag as an extra option.

If you’ve seen any of my sort of reviews before, I don’t like to get too technical, or particularly technical at all. Having said that, I was really surprised by the richness of the pictures when I first took a look at them.

However, please consider than none of these are straight out of the camera. These are pictures that I took for myself and are edited how I wanted them to look and feel.

As the sun went down yesterday I sat in the middle of a very quiet road taking pictures of some ducks by the river. I kind of like to think they know me by now, but they do sometimes get spooked and this is a very wide lens to photographing ducks with – you have to get extremely close. Ducks are fairly into their personal space, but that all goes out of the window if you have some pita bread to offer them.

So is this finally Fuji’s definitive duck portrait lens. I don’t think so if I’m honest and I know that not what you were wanting to hear. But for landscapes, wide street scenes and cityscapes, documentary photography, it’s really hard to beat. If I was travelling and wanted this focal length this would be my lens.

I think Fuji have been very smart making this an f2.8 lens as it’s as small as it can be. Size and weight and the aperture are always going to be a trade off. If you need the extra two stops for low light shooting or for the shallow depth of field – they are already selling that lens to rave reviews. This is a small high quality lens and will have its own fans – I think I’m one of them.

That’s all for now. Thank you very very much for watching.


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10 thoughts on “Fujifilm 16mm f2.8 – Little Review

  1. I enjoy the 16mm and it is sharp! Curious… what post processing program do you use? Excellent color rendition throughout the photos👍

  2. I just recently got this lens too and I've been finding it challenging to shoot. A majority of the pictures I've seen with the 1.4 tend to rely on its shallow depth of field to maintain visual focus on the subject — something I cannot really achieve with this lens. It was nice seeing this video for a bit of inspiration on making photographs with this field of view and deep focus.

  3. Got to love a bit of, "half-focused, half-lazy" photography zone! Hahahaha. Sometimes that's just what the doctor ordered. Looks like a really fun lens. Beautiful pictures as always, Chris 🙂

  4. Hey Chris, I have not long ago discovered your channel and I must say, I love your photographs and the general cut of your jib… be it hippyish (and what's wrong with that?) or otherwise.

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