6 thoughts on “Fujifilm 16mm f1 4 Lens Review

  1. Love both the start AND the ending – lots of humor, and I was smiling a lot – not many youtube-channels can manage that!
    Thank you for being, well – just you, an give Dexter a hug!
    B.T.W. all in between the start and endign was just reassuringly good to se and hear, as I have this magnificent lens myself …

  2. It's weird to see a review of something you have for years sometimes 😁
    This lens become a "standard" wide angle lens for me the moment I bought it. Yes it's not a zoom lens but low light capabilities of this lens is priceless – for weddings, sports and night street photography in particular. And regarding the noisy af motor- who is using on – board mic on Fuji cameras anyway? I shoot videos of weddings with that lens without any issues; and for b-roll audio is useless anyway. The right question would be does the 16mm f2,8 have it's place? Yes it does- if for nothing else, than for daylight street photography due it's size; being a wide angle focal length, 16mm forces you to get quite close to your subject, and than 16mm f1,4 gets quite noticeable due to its size. Not in the nighttime do 😁

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