The Fujifilm X-T3 is basically just like the GH5 but with a bigger sensor and awesome phase detect autofocus, but no flip out screen or IBIS. The Fuji XT3 is an incredible tool for video and filmmakers with only a few issues, but every brand will have their own issues. All things considered, I’m not sure why more filmmakers haven’t already picked it up – maybe because it doesn’t carry a Canon or Sony badge, so people just don’t know about it.

I used the 16-55 f2.8 for the filming of this hands-on review.

Buy one: (Adorama links)
Fujifilm X-T3 Body:
16-55mm lens:
50-140mm lens:

Dynamic range settings explained:

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Main Camera Gear
– Main Camera:
– Main Lens: 18-35 f1.8:
– Adapter for 18-35 lens:


My Audio gear:
– Sennheiser MKH 416: @
– Mackie ProFX8v2 Mixer: @
– Zoom H6:

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20 thoughts on “Fuji XT3 Hands-on review for video and filmmakers: Is it worth it?

  1. VERY NICE REVIEW .. the algorithm's got u all the way down there .. but i know thats where the good stuff is .. keep at it

  2. Liked the vid. Question: I'm using a variable ND on my XT-3 for outdoor filming. I use Silent Shooting @ 30 FPS, 60 SS, F4, ISO Auto. Using Auto ISO makes it easy for me … but I do see some 'stepping' effect in the videos as it adjusts. Another way is for me to set the ISO, say 640 for Eterna, and use the variable ND as an 'iris' I adjust as I move from bright sun to shade. What is best practice? Why? Thx!

  3. The screen design is a major point why I'm currently thinking about switchting to X-T3. Fully articulating screens I have to flip out, turn around 180 degrees and then have to move my left hand awkwardly around it just to shoot from the hip, constantly nudging the screen. Yes it's good for 1 of 500 pictures where I take a selfie during travel, but I prefer a good solution for the 300 of 500 pictures I take using the tilting screen.

  4. I usually hear about people talking about this camera for photos – but seems like it's super packed up with features for video.

  5. i like watching your content even when it doesn't apply to me i still watch because i love how u explain i love your set up i love the end product and your vocals is interesting. jus love your channel i will always watch and like even if i don't comment. I have a channel i am growing and i will admit i watch to learn.

  6. This really seems like a beast of a little camera and certainly makes another good argument against the full frame craze these days. Great video!

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