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  1. Can I answer to WhatsApp or messages directly from the watch. I'm really thinking about buying one.
    What's your opinion on Fossil 5 vs Galaxy active?

  2. Good review I'm definitely going to get rid of my ticwatch for this. Is there any delay in receiving notifications? My ticwatch has about a 5 to 10 second delay. I learned it was a Wear OS issue.

  3. I just got the watch today, super excited!

    But for some reason GA does not speak, and also I can not seem to integrate it with my google home, like in your video. The account is correct, but I have an iPhone, would that be the problem?

  4. It is dumb to say not bundling a charger is dumb. Don't need, have lots of chargers already and usually a multi-port chart multiple items, so don't appreciate your opinion on this topic. YOu can go buy one and not force the rest of us to needlessly cause landfill and pay for it.

  5. I just bought one, and also found I have the finicky speaker! I wish I saw your post before I bought mine. Otherwise, the watch is great.

  6. Just buy the watch 3 days ago.. The watch is very nice.. Only the speaker sound is not good. .. Waiting for the software update.

  7. The two pins on the charger is only for charging the watch or does it also allow data transmission between watch and PC? Is it possible to boot the watch into fastboot/bootloader mode via this cable or this cable is only for charging the device.

  8. Was it hard to get the Assistant to carry out your commands? Everytime I ask it to turn on a light or such, it just Google's a picture of it for me. Not very helpful. Everything is hooked up correctly so not sure why it's doing it.

  9. Gotta wait until early September when the whole bunch of tech devices will flood into the market. Better wait until IFA 2019 and Apple's new iPhone announcement.

  10. Please suggest me which one to buy
    Armani exchange smartwatch or fossil gen 5
    Both have same price
    But i am very confused which one to buy
    Armani exchange looks premium
    And fossil has good specs-1gm ram
    Please help me

  11. Hey, is it possible that you can measure the whole diameter of this watch? I know it has 44mm screen but I can't find any information what is the whole size with bezels. I have no possibility to try it before buying in my country so it will be very helpful to imagine how it's gonna look like on my wrist. Thank you in advance.

  12. Hey, great review! Finally a wear os watch worth attention. Still not sure if I want it, maybe Google will release one of their own in October.

    I currently own Huawei Watch 2 classic and it has a terrible response time to Google Assistant. The first time I activate it by pushing the button it takes 30s or more to show up, even worse when it does show up it doesn't hear me and says something went wrong. On the second try, it works smooth and quick. If I don't use the watch for several hours and try to activate the Google Assistant, I have to go through the same process which takes more than 1min to get an answer.

    So my most important feature is completely useless. Seems the watch goes into energy saving mode or sleeping mode and coming back from it takes a while.

    Fossil gen 5 doesn't have this problem does it? I'm so worried about it.

  13. I just got a fossil gen 5 carlyle hr and even with extended battery mode I got barely 8 hours with all my notifications from emails, text, and maps. From your test, would I be better off returning it and getting a ticwatch pro 4g? I have heard and read The battery life is amazing and the performance is just as good (even with the order chip set). Or do I just ride it out with the news of the Google/Fossil partnership maybe giving a closer to perfect WearOS watch combination in the future?

  14. Till now best review of this watch on YouTube.
    Still waiting to buy the FOSSIL Gen 5 here in the local fossil shop in Belgium … Expected Arrival end of October.

    Btw, is it possible to compare the gen 5 with the gen 4 ? Thanks in advance.
    Keep up the good work 🙌
    Phil from Belgium.

  15. I have a Gen 4. Purchased a Gen 5, but returned it. Not a bad watch at all, bu IMO, not worth paying the $300 to upgrade from the Gen 4. I get enough battery life out of my Gen 4 to be content, and the performance of my Gen 4 is pretty smooth the vast majority of the time. Issues for me with Gen 5 — Auto brightness is too dim, and noticeably dimmer than my Gen 4 (hopefully gets fixed or user-defined option with a software update). Style-wise, while it's nice looking, it doesn't come in a regular stainless steel color option this year, which was a bummer for me — don't get me wrong, the smoke and black colors are nice, but they don't pop as much. If you like a more subtle and classic-style watch though, you'll like Gen 5 over the Gen 4. I personally like the sportier look of the Gen 4 more.

    I may pick up the Gen 5 again during Black Friday when it'll almost definitely be on sale. With the Gen 4 still available, I'd say the Gen 5 is worth about $250, but to me, $300 is too steep.

  16. Nice video. GPS took 10 minutes to lock for me the first time i used it unteathered. But since then it have been locking in under 10 seconds.

  17. Is it possible to filter notifications by content or contact for WhatsApp for example? I use Notify and Fitness for my Amazfit Pace, but I want to switch to wear OS, but this is a dealbreaker for me. Doesn't matter if it is a paid application or not

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