Join us as we take a look at this beautiful; 1973 XA Ford Falcon from Australia. See the numbers matching engine. Get a 360 degree walk around and a look inside. Hear and see it run and watch it drive. Ride along from the inside and watch it tear by from the outside. . YES IT IS FOR SALE. For now at least, once this video goes live it probably won’t last for long.

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22 thoughts on “Ford XA Falcon 500 from Australia Muscle Car Review

  1. Dang she is beautiful! I would love a hardtop, XA, XB, XC, whatever I could find, but as of right now I will stick to affordable Jap and Swedish stuff for right now lmao. But an XC in Platinum Blue with a 302 on Simmons B45 wheels would be prefect. A VH Valiant Charger would be sick as well lol, you gotta get one of them up here in Yankville sooner or later.

  2. Australian muscle cars are so awesome! Glad I came across your channel. The open desert roads of Texas are made for this cars! I immediately clicked the subscribe button!

  3. Im curious,in the U.S,can you guys drive unregistered cars on public roads over there? I noticed the XA has no number plates & on TV shows like example Vegas Rat Rods-when they finish the build,they just take the car down the main strip no worries in the world.Here in Australia,to avoid approx. a $1500 fine,we have to take our car for a Rego inspection,& if it fails on the roadworthy,then we have to pay for a 7 day permit to use the car on public roads in order to get repairs done on the failed roadworthy inspection.It seems the laws are more relaxed over there!

  4. I wish you guys were in Australia, I'd get you to do a lot of work to my cars! If I ever get back to the USA again I'll be sure to head to Washington State and drop in!

  5. I got the same car same colour aswell, but mines a fairmont, which is higher spec than falcon 500. Btw the colour is called cosmic blue

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