Tutorial and Review of the focus modes of the Fujifilm XT-3 camera. The mirrorless camera’s focus mode settings that are explained also apply to the Fujifilm XT-2 as well. #fujifilm #xt3 #tutorial

Director and Host: Chris Lee
Outro Music by Joakim Karud

The 50-140 Lens Review video:

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Link to the official Fuijifilm Focus Mode site:

Full info on the AF-C Custom Settings:

AF-C Custom Settings:
This parameter determines how long the camera waits to switch focus when an object enters the focus area behind or in front of the current subject. The higher the value, the longer the camera will wait.
This parameter determines how sensitive the tracking system is to changes in subject velocity. The higher the value, the greater the precision with which the system attempts to respond to sudden movement.
This parameter determines the focus area given priority in zone AF.
CENTER: Zone AF assigns priority to subjects in the center of the zone.
AUTO: The camera locks focus on the subject at the center of the zone and then switches focus areas as necessary to track it.
FRONT: Zone AF assigns priority to the subjects closest to the camera.

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34 thoughts on “Focus Modes of the Fujifilm XT-3

  1. Friend .. I am from Brazil … Buy an XT-3 and here has some good content like yours about it. I also don't know English and a way to put in subtitles makes it a lot easier for me to convert to Portuguese. I don't know what it would be like if you hadn't shared your content with people. I greatly admire your energy and sympathy beyond all knowledge. You somehow inspire me. and I'm not just talking about the camera no! I don't know your motivation, but I can indicate that you motivated me. I can see what an amazing human being you are. That everything or that you can be prosperous and … especially you look good on the inside. thanks again. you are the man! Now you will translate this text in google translator. kkkkk

    Amigo.. eu sou do Brasil… Comprei a XT-3 e aqui tem pouquíssimo conteúdo bom como o seu sobre ela. Eu também não sei inglês e a maneira como você coloca as legendas facilitam muito para mim converter para o português. Não sei o que faria se você não tivesse compartilhando seu conteúdo com a gente. admiro muito sua energia e simpatia além de todo conhecimento. Você de alguma maneira me inspira. e não estou falando somente da camera não! Não sei sua motivação, mas posso afirmar que você me motiva. dá pra ver que ser humano incrível você é. Que tudo o que você fizer seja prospere e… principalmente você fique bem por dentro. obrigado mais uma vez. você é o cara! Agora vou traduzir esse texto no google tradutor. kkkkk

  2. This video hit me right where I can feel it most. I know exactly what you are talking about. Many of us do.

    I discovered your channel after doing a lot of research for cameras that I could take on regular hiking and backpacking trips. You’ve given me a lot of confidence with my very recent X-T3 investment—I’ve started from your oldest content and just now reached this video. I appreciate your honesty. I appreciate what you were going through. And I appreciate YOU.

    I plan to use my X-T3 to launch a local hiking channel and another for thruhiking. I’ve no idea how it’s going to go, but you are an inspiration. If I can put in similar effort and give back to others as you’ve given to us then I’ll count it successful.

  3. Just discovered your channel since I have an XT-3 arriving in a few days and it's a brand new system for me (until now it's been an entry-level DSLR from a decade ago!).
    I really appreciated the creativity and unique way you did this video, and just how informative it was! I loved your little celebration, and I've subscribed to help get you to that 100,000! Keep up the great work, never lose that unique personality, and I, like many other photographers, will be looking forward to watching all your new videos!

  4. I LOVE your videos!! Please keep on making them. I have learned so much and I actually bought a Fujifilm xt3 because I was so inspired of your videos! Do it when you get time and don’t feel stressed about it 🙂 you rock!!

  5. Hello, one thing that that I would like to know is when you are in zone mode, there can be multiple focus points in green. Which one is actually taken into account to put the focus on when the picture is taken ? (The closest ?) I have not been able to find this answer anywhere. Thx !

  6. I love your videos man! I'm a pro shooter who switched from Canon to Fuji and it's been a bit of a learning curve. Your videos help me out a lot! The way you explain things is wonderful–you're a great teacher! I also love when you get excited and your personality comes out.

  7. Thank you for sharing your Fujifilm X-series tips to the world. I've just purchased a 2nd hand X-T10 and learning how to make full use of it given its limitations. Keep on making wonderful videos and sharing your experience with the world!

  8. You are great. It's the first time I see your videos and you are great! You make it simple, really easy to understand and learn with you. Very very well done! Grettings and support from Spain!👍📸🇮🇪🙂

  9. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 well done!!! fantastic explanations for the various AF choices and keeping it moving at a fun pace! Keep ‘em coming when you can 💪🏼👊🏼 subscribed!

  10. Let me tell you that sometimes happens the same to me. Kind of meticulous behaviour, you know? So well, this is my advice: Just have fun doing it. If you don't have success (you will, but just don't think about it right now), you at least had good times, good memories doing whatever is the stuff you're dealing with.

    And about that video in particular: really good work mate. see you the next one 😉

  11. Hi mate, I was just having a break and decided to check out what's new on YouTube. Im passionate in photography, and your video was in my suggestions. So, I'm discovering your chanel, watching what you explain with my best attention. I'm glad I did, cuz now I understand exactly what these focus mode mean and do. So for this : a big thanks!! Also… I'm French 😂 just hope you liked this "bubble wine" ahahah. Anyway, you got a very cool energy on video, your explanations are awesome, simple and clear. That's what a lot of people might need instead of technical terms that sometimes don't make sense. So, keep going on, that's great. I gave a blue thumb of course and now you got a new member in your community. Cheers from France 🙂 👍

  12. Thank goodness for the pause button!! You are amazing and FAST which means LOTS of info and I love it. Thank you for going into clear detail in your videos. You have really taught me so much about my XT-3 and I love the camera. I was struggling with focus on my dog running towards me and then I found this video and voila! You nailed it.

  13. I so enjoyed this video, my first with you. I am new to the Fiji XT3 so have a lot to learn. You helped me so much explaining the various focus modes. Thank You, Thank You.

  14. Hi! I was wondering if you have your continuous focus set to "Release" or "Focus" . Thank you so much for this video! Love your content and look forward to your next video!

  15. Great video.. Searched for focusing on xt3 since I'm a newbie to my camera and couldn't be happier to have found you.. Cheers mate. Looking forward to a lot more from you.

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