It’s my first time going to central Asia! It’s not easy to get to Uzbekistan, so I had quite a long travel from LA to New York. Then from New York, I flew on Uzbekistan Airline Business Class.

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38 thoughts on “First Time in CENTRAL ASIA Uzbekistan Airline BUSINESS CLASS Food Review New York to Uzbekistan

  1. Oh my gods, I love this video! The bit at the beginning in the plane is like something out of a comedy! He's so friendly and outgoing and amicable with everyone he runs into, Mike is simply such a bright, kind soul, I swear that he makes everyone he meets better human beings just from having met him and basked in his halo, his glow, his aura of charisma and genuine, uncontrollable goodness <3 You can see how much fun everyone else is having laughing alongside Mike, welcoming the natural smiles that came to their lips despite being on camera in a place that can be pretty low-privacy, high-stress sometimes; a situation where most of them probably just wanna relax on their long, frustrating flight and miiight not have expected there to be a buff, hungry fellow blindsiding them with a camera, asking their permission to be recorded in the background of his video-log. But instead, they were all really just such an amazing, jovial lot of clearly tried and true good sports!

  2. Woah…worlds colliding. Did not expect to see Andrew Muse in the video. Even more so to recognise his voice when this video is playing in the background.

  3. Mikey cilantro and coriander are exactly the same thing! Cilantro is the American name and Coriander is the UK/European name for the same herb!

  4. OMG if you were able to have a food tour with Jackie Chan that would be the most epic video ever!! i just blew my own mind

  5. One of these days, what if, u actually do meet Jackie Chan. But u don't go to China. Am I wrong, or u had an issue with the Mainland food trust. I think, u should go to the main land. Try it out, u missing a big part. I haven't seen u do too much there, if at all actually. When they finish the China's 2nd silk road, u should take a train from Europe all the way to China..

  6. Kaway sa mga pinoy dyan! Check nyo rin content namin nagfefeature rin kami ng mga foods and madalas kami mag giveaway ng gc ng mga kinakainan namin

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