Warning: This is a long and nerdy video. If you want a shorter version, check out my shooting impressions video (link down below). Come back here if you want more details

Introducing the new Fujifilm X-Pro3. What’s new? The biggest features are physical changes to the body: titanium top and bottom plate, unique rear flip-down hidden articulating screen and rear e-ink sub-monitor. The new X-Pro shares the same sensor and processor as the X-T3 but the firmware has been tweaked with better AF, more in-camera adjustments, new film profile, and other new features. The HVF (Hybrid Viewfinder) is also a huge improvement from the previous version, but again, this does not affect the actual image quality. This is my in-depth overview of all the changes, new features and differences between the other X Series cameras, including the previous flagship X-Pro2. Look for my first shooting impressions video with sample images. Also check out my written review for FujiLove Magazine:

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46 thoughts on “First Look: The Titanium Clad Fujifilm X-Pro3

  1. If you study the xpro3, you will realize that it was designed for the f2 series of lenses. With that, you also realize that Fuji is going to release new versions of the 1.4 and 1.2 lenses. I'm hoping they're going to arrive soon – maybe 2021?

  2. I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for the option of paying $200 so I can scrape car keys across my camera as I've seen done on some YouTube reviews. One person even used an old can opener. My advise…save the $200 and JUST DON'T DO THAT! I would have paid for the silver version had Fuji made any attempt at all matching the f2 "fujicron" silver lenses, but I knew that wasn't going to happen any more than loosing the dopy dip on the dial deck. I'll probably get a nice ordinary black one anyway and keep it far away from any key wielding maniacs roaming the street.

  3. I like the video, but why do you go over the same things again. Twice you demonstrated the shutter sound. Why? Once is enough. Stop waffling. You are very articulate, don’t pad out your videos. Spend more time planning

  4. I wonder, would Leica users appreciate these type of dramatic changes in design they get used to?? Weird display and lack of d-pad nobody hasn't asked Fuji for?! I insist the man who has decided to remove d-pad in XE and XPRO is enemy of the system, period.

  5. The eye cup came off my x pro 2 so it's good that they fixed that but other than that what have fuji done to it? Don't like it. Sorry fuji.

  6. I'm a little disappointed that Fuji has gone for TIFF output for in-camera presets. I think that a modern compressed format like JPEG 2000 is the way to go. Smaller files, yet with fine detail and lots of colour depth. Why are still shooting TIFF, RAW or JPEG? All should be replaced by now! I advocate for two related things: getting it right in camera, therefore making RAW processors redundant; and replacing RAW with JPEG 2000 (or something else). Fuji got the first part right, now they can work on the second. Do you think that JPEG2K could be added as a firmware update?

    I have to say that the Instax camera here looks really, really sharp.

  7. The best definition of why people buy a "Sony" camera I have heard in a very long time "….I don't care what my butcher knife looks like…."….hit the spot.

  8. Bye bye XPro, end of a legacy. Given in to the fanciful imagination of people who have enough money to buy it but don't actually have to make money using it.

  9. Beautuglyful is how I would describe this camera.
    I have to admit it is very tempting for a photography enthusiast. I mean the ones that like the process of taking photos. If I wouldn’t already have invested thousands of € for my two systems and would start right now, I’d buy this in a heartbeat.
    Btw, Fuji seems to have implemented the lcd screen this way because they don’t want you to use it. Genius move.

  10. I think a fair amount of the shutter sound difference might come down to having the body cap on the xpro3 vs the lens on the xpro2

  11. Great overview, Take. I find this camera body so beautiful that it would be tempting to buy just for that. Fortunately for my bank account, the rear LCD is just a deal killer. I wonder why Fuji didn't remove the tripod mount at the same time because who wants to look through an EVF when working off a tripod—not that this is the only problem with the design. That said, I hope this body is a huge success for Fuji. I'd love to see the titanium construction and Duratech finishes become available on the next X-H and X-T bodies as well.

  12. No mention of the small switch to the left of the viewfinder. Is this the Diopter adjuster ? I purchased an X-Pro 2 and returned it because this kept getting knocked ( adjusted ) when putting it in / taking out of my camera bag ! ! … I’ve been waiting for the X-Pro3. I just hope Fuji haven’t made the same ERROR again ! ! Is there a plate / grip available ?

  13. I thought you did an freaking awesome job of covering a massive amount of info and features in an informal and relaxed manner. You clearly know your 'stuff'! Thank you

  14. 4:23 holding up two middle fingers when mentioning arch-rival Leica, now that’s what I call a die-hard Fuji fan 😉

  15. For those whining about not being able to compose an overhead shot using the flip-out screen, simply flip the camera upside down. As always, a great comprehensive review!


  17. you sure talk a lot … don't show anything..just talk alot. Here's a novel idea: when you talk about a feature, why don't you show us? If I wanted someone to read the camera manual to me, why I would call you.

  18. My backpacking pots and sporks, and my tent stakes are all titanum. Perhaps I should add this to my titanium collection.

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