In this tutorial, you are going to have your first DJ lesson. If you are new and searching for a beginner DJ lesson, then I can help. I will teach you all about hot cues, loading songs and generally what everything on the DJ decks do. If you have never used DJ decks before then, this can be your first DJ lesson!


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27 thoughts on “First 10 minutes on DJ Decks | Beginner DJ lessons .com

  1. Thank you for this video it was very helpful and I love the way you explained it, now I have a better understanding of how to operate it.

  2. I know it's a stupid question but how you can put the music in to the mixer
    Because I don't know anything about the computer

  3. Sir can i borrow your old dj controller (which you are not using).i want to do dj and support my family. …please

  4. Hi, well this is a very very beginner question, so first I learn what each button does, the technique (that's what I heard Phil says) and then start practicing (like a lot) but essentially is starting to feel what sounds good, what sounds great or bad, like developing a very good taste in music (better if you aready have it) so after knowing what each button does, it's more like an art?? like in painting after you know the colors and how each color merge best with another one, and after a lot of practice (techniques) the rest is art, I know I'm oversimplify it, but am I right?

  5. I just started Djing and I only have done 2 events and it’s so hard to find some nowadays anyone know/have an idea on what to do to expand and get more events?

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