Fire Emblem Awakening Walkthrough Part 1 – No Commentary Playthrough (3DS)


Fire Emblem Awakening walkthrough – Here is my walkthrough, let’s play playthrough of Fire Emblem Awakening. This walkthrough of Fire Emblem Awakening will have no commentary. Fire Emblem Awakening walkthrough will include missions, boss levels, episodes, chapters and the ending.


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18 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Awakening Walkthrough Part 1 – No Commentary Playthrough (3DS)

  1. Warning: The following is stupidly long and will take a long while to read. This is only what I noticed that needs an explanation that will never come in this game. As someone who wishes to write stories for a living, details that leave holes are rather obvious to me, so read on it you dare. Just keep in mind, before I get comments about how long this is, I warned you here.

    You know, there's something thats been bothering me every time I saw someone play this game. How did things kick off in that future timeline we play in the prolouge kick off? Because the way it's portrayed, it's meant to be an exact copy of the current one. If that's the case, then chrom sure as hell should've looked to be about late 30's or early 40 there. Especially since Lucina and the other child units are about 16-20 at most. Yes that's a broad estimate I know. But if that's the case, then when did the main story happen in that timeline? Because when the story picks back up after the prolouge, chrom is canonically 16 when him, Lissa, and Fred first find Robin. After the gangrel arc, there's a 2 year timeskip making chrom 18 when the walhart arc starts into the rest of the game. So let's say that everyone is 20 years older than what they were in the current timeline. Here's the problem: Those child units that come back in time couldn't have come around in the first place without the relationships formed in the main story. The future past dlc implies as much anyway. Which begs the question as to when the hell the main story took place because if we're supposed to believe that the first 2 acts of the game took place at the same time as the current timeline went, then did grima wait 20 something years after walhart croaked (technically he didn't as gangrel, walhart, aversa, and even emmyern are all dlc characters alongside Priam who had no connection to anything, and broken as hell when leveled up) to attack? When he knew that Robin AND chrom knew that he had already scared over other timelines by possessing other robins in a cycle to replenish his power? Keep in mind, during the second act of the game, in order to get to walhart's continent after virion and cerche first bring it up, they need to get ships from plegia. Which is where Robin and chrom find out Robin's relationship to validar when Robin spilled that. They found out the hard way that validar can directly mentally attack Robin and control them whenever the plot is convenient. Which makes me wonder, if Lucina and the children didn't exist yet (in the main timeline, Lucina was around as a 2 year old and her future self was also present) or were very young (that's considering the possibility that the other Shepherds also got together as quickly as chrom and whoever did) why the hell didn't they take care of business with Regina ferox before taking on walhart? When you consider it, they knew that there was something up with validar's "heirophant" from the jump, and Robin and chrom specifically expressed as such, on top of them wearing the EXACT same attire as Robin, them keeping their face covered, AND possibly having the exact same or very similar voice to Robin themselves. ESPECIALLY after the fire emblem was lost or am I getting story details mixed up? What made that version of chrom, Robin, and the shepherds wait so long anyway? What's even better is that validar and grima act as if Robin getting amnesia when grima tries to possess them is something new. But since in every timeline is brought to an end by a possessed Robin, how is that the case that Robin not wanting to be set up as a vessel for a world devouring dragon is something new? Or even being spirited away by the mom who's never shown? Which also opens other questions as well. When did robins mom jailbreak them? Because Robin is supposedly a late teen – early tween correct? Then how long did she wait to do that when she knew from the outset the ultimate fate that was to befall Robin. Nobody can tell me that validar hadn't mentioned it for over 15+ years. Especially since granting grima a mortal form was the entire purpose of robins conception. And how did Robin make their way to ylisse anyway without the grimleal on their tail the entire time? Since they go so out of their way to chase down nowi, and later Gregor as well later in the game due to nowi being manakete, how the hell wouldn't that be the bare minimum response of their leader's kid doing a runner? And especially since Robin's mom is all but confirmed dead when validar first mentions her on his assassination attempt on emmyern, you can't tell me that they weren't being hounded or that their escape went unnoticed. It's also worth mentioning that chrom KNEW of the grimleal given how he brings them up to introduce them to the player during the party's rescue attempt of emmeryrn. While they were on the way anyhow. Another thing that was never mentioned is whether or not future character's intervention is something new? They never indicate that, but it was sure as hell not mentioned. I know this wouldn't have affected the overall story of the main timeline, but it sure as hell would've in the future past dlc, but if there had been no future Lucina to jump in as early as she did, how the hell did Lissa last as long as she did in that particular timeline. It was very heavily implied that Lissa was the exalt until very recently and to be the last of the original shepherds if you find the right dialogue. I think both tiki and Lucina bring it up. The problem there is that Lissa would've died in like the 2nd mission of the story of it weren't for timely intervention by Lucina. Which brings up whether or not that whole "child characters from the future coming back to the past to warn Everyone what's going to happen" had occurred before. Before I wrap this small tirade up, why the hell is Naga female. In the game you played as marth (chrom and Lissa's direct ancestor. Tiki brings this up to Robin in supports, and chrom directly confirms it in the story as well making it canon that both games are a part of the same universe and timeline) Naga was actually male. Is there a canonical reason for the gender swap or did the devs just forget about that as that was I don't even know how many years prior.


  3. Hey someone whose not playing Classic mode. Sweet. Now I don't have to watch someone play a level for hours on end just so they can keep all of their units. I'm not one for strategy games but man is this story good. Can't wait to see the rest.

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