47 thoughts on “Fire Emblem: Awakening Game & Watch (20-Minute Video Preview)

  1. I will never understand why RPG's are so popular.

    Ooohh Your HP number is higher then my number. How riveting! I'll press this button, to press another button in the game to watch the same repetitive attack sequence unfold, knowing full well the outcome based on adding and subtracting numbers. Wooh! So fun.

  2. Are you telling me this is a game where instead of skipping the boring shit and battling, you're skipping the battles to do boring shit???

  3. I have never played RPG's and turned based games before. Even after watching this video, I still don't understand the appeal. I bought Xenoblade Chronicles X and I am loving it, but that's because of the live action. These strategic RPG games look boring to me. I don't like the trial and error system.

  4. You know in this game you have to play it over and over get every character married to see future kid and new player to use pain in ass

  5. @14:20 actually, in the first Fire Emblem game that got an official English release, the first character you see is female and she's your lord for the first part of the story.

  6. 8:10 "there's nothing ever really flying at the screen or anything" Well, sort of; often you'll see birds, bugs, smoke etc. in the air above the battlefield depending on what's appropriate to the story. Sometimes it can be quite startling 😮

  7. I like how he puts Lissa next to the boss with 1/3 health, scores a crit on the boss with Avatar, and wins. Afterwards he says, "that's how it's done."

  8. Wow, all of these new fire emblem games are really easy. If you ever played fire emblem 4 genealogy of the holy war, even the first chapter is pretty damn challenging because you're basically surrounded by enemies that are almost as strong as your characters… Even radiant dawn wasn't that hard. Just very…. Time consuming.

  9. It's the first chapter(which is always piss easy). It balances out where there are four enemies attacking one of yours.

  10. True – Freddy's actually a decent unit and continues the recent tradition of prepromos with weak bases for their level but competent growth rates. With the introduction of Change Seals (or Second Seals, whatever) he might actually be a competent choice. But before that point he's still siphoning EXP away from the rest of your party that he doesn't really need… I'd only really recommend actively using him in Lunatic, where he's basically necessary.

  11. Play Lunatic and say that again. I'd consider FE games to be harder than FFT, because in the latter title, positioning hardly matters and you have overpowered skills and AoE attacks and that's just after the first few chapters, to say nothing of lolBlade Grasp and Math Skill. In FE you actually have to think about where your units are before the end of your phase or you'll get your healer unexpectedly gangraped for example. Although in later chapters, weak enemies do tend to suicide onto you.

  12. In the demo you are only able to pick casual mode for the death option. But again, Like I said there is only 2 small battles in the demo. There really wasn't a whole lot of reason to limit uses since the demo is pretty limited and short.

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