This time on my let’s play/walkthrough/playthrough of Fire Emblem Awakening: Our unlikely heroes Chrom, Fredrick, and Lissa meet a peculiar stranger. But do they like each other?
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44 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Awakening ➤ 1 – Let's Play – BORN LEGEND – Playthrough Gameplay

  1. I haven’t played this in years. Thanks for reminding me about it. I remember the storyline for this, especially rescuing the farmer boy, who i think is named Lucas. I’d say “spoiler alert” but i’m sure everyone’s played the full game

  2. I’m just gonna let this out, because I find this idea personally amusing. *chuckles*. Despite how visually different Earthbound and Fire Emblem are in terms of setting, artwork, and characters, the gameplay style between both of them is very similar. In other words I’m saying Earthbound and Fire Emblem are like 2 peas in a pod. Mainly because of how the fights work. They are both role playing games that are strategy based rather than action adventure. Not to mention they both keep track of attack, health, endurance and defense points

  3. When I clicked on this video I realize that the picture was from a person who ships Chrom and male Robin.

  4. I was annoyed with your chatter at first but then I heard the robin voice. It made me laugh cause the lines are so cheesy it just fits perfectly

  5. I'm starting to watch this gameplay, I only heard of Fire Emblem from Super Smash Bros 4 and I'm surprised Robin is the protagonist

  6. I did something to my character and I don't know what but now some characters can't attack, I move them but it doesn't show the red spots to attack. HELP!!!

  7. Wtf. No. Sacred Stones is the easiest Fire Emblem.
    I love Awakening and it's my favourite up to this day. Followed by Path of Radiance.

    On my very first playthrough I went Hard Classic, as always lol
    But I still didn't beat the First Chapter on Lunatic. Too RNG based and it's no fun at all.

  8. Look the town! The town is ablaze!
    …and it will remain that way for literally the entire game.
    Go back after you've beaten the game… still on fire

  9. As much as I did love the dialogue paper Mario finance in the way I really hope that they do voice acting this time around when even bother me if you heard the voice acting and were able to read the text on the screen simultaneously hopefully that does become standard and give me these days

  10. The reason why I had text over sound in the first place was because the hardware was limited backed out they don't necessarily rely on just texthave that in today's technology was kind of setting the game companies lazily putting

  11. I think it this point it's all right if they have the die along the way the most RPG's have been but I think in this era of gaming it's almost a requirement so I have voice acting the games can obviously handle it now it's not like in the past

  12. Ive played this game and done everything (except all children), but im watching a playthrough cuz my 3ds is broke.

    1 like = 1 prayer plz thank u

  13. Onex/Robin's voice sounds like the voice Linkara uses whenever he reads Superboy Prime's dialogue.

    Also, back in the day, I looked so hard to get CDs of this games soundtrack, but they were like 5 times the cost of the game. Why don't game companies release their game soundtracks easily cor us.

  14. I'm just not into the newer fire emblems. The battle animations seem slow and clunky and the 3d character designs look goofy. R.I.P. GBA fire emblem . . . .

  15. YESSSS XENOOOO, ROUNDDDD 4!!! IM SO HAPPY I FOUND YOU AND I CAN GO ON MY JOURNEY TO WATCH/PLAY EVERY FIRE EMBLEM GAME WITH YOU. I have like 4 games left to play still not including awakening. Haha

  16. Well damn-
    I feel you!

    ….not in a weird way tho
    Just from the first minutes of the video, I can already tell that I like you- you seem damn nice and funny!

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