It’s pretty much impossible to replace Clid on SKT, but T1 have found their jungler in 2020 with Cuzz.

4 letters and starts with “C” close enough!

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36 thoughts on “Finding Clid’s Replacement, Cuzz Joins SKT | 2020 LoL Offseason

  1. Still sad Clid left and I don't have much trust in Cuzz's ability, but I think it was the best move SKT T1 could've done under the circumstances.

    He maybe a downgrade from Clid, but if they were able to sign him to a multi-year contract and train him well, I think Cuzz has the potential to match Clid or at the very least be the jungler T1 needs to succeed.

  2. Alot of people were distracted by Cuzz joining SKT and we forget one of the most important thing for SKT is that.SKT DIDNT SIGNED KKOMA YET!!!

  3. Clid is was the best skt player in 2019 and carried faker while season9…what faker did was throwing ez matches at msi and worlds with broken champs like sylas and qyana…fk this overrated bich
    Now fan girls want the shy to carry this bich for worlds…

  4. CLID was well polished by SKT T1, whatever Clid is rn , its because of SKT and company. Clid was still raw talent when he first join SKT, you cant really say Cuzz is a downgrade considering Clid was well developed and hes at his peak rn

  5. Have to upgrade bot toon,effort lacks creativity and in the meta where the most influential role is support,you cant have the support as your worst player.Also effort has dogshit mechanics

  6. I guess SKT need to give player more free time to do some other stuff because they look tired when being forced to do some acting and streaming but this is just my opinion about SKT T1 tight schedule okay….

  7. Khan still available, he's still free agent. He just want to watching who ever come to him. if theresn't maybe he will back to SKT.
    Duke. Is the old SKT player. He's still good, he carrying IG before. Lets see. For Khan. Duke has similliar style.

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