Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.9 : In this video, I will guide you to use the kamekameha style of all characters. You pay close attention to the text that is added to the video, which is essential. Kamekameha is a very simple but powerful way to make your opponents fail easily !

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31 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.9 – How to use kamekameha ?

  1. I really miss this game, I was happy when I did the Kamehameha accidentally, so here how you do it if you still don't know..You press S first then after like 0.5 seconds u press D then u press J after 0.5 seconds..if you're going to do it on the left just press A first then do the rest of the keys..also you can fly by Tapping W rapidly (Only works for Strong characters)

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