Chris and Jordan are at Fujifilm’s GFX 100 launch event in Japan (well, in a nearby hotel room) and have some initial thoughts about using this 100MP medium format powerhouse.

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35 thoughts on “DPReview TV: Fujifilm GFX 100 First Look

  1. Is there a remote shutter release slot? I haven't seen anyone mention it anywhere. Would be great if there was a simple bluetooth remote like the new one for Sony.

  2. So, with 100 MP, what if you cropped in to, say, a 4/3 or APS-C portion of the sensor for telephoto? How many megapixels would that be?

  3. fujicult people lost their faith? now fuji have a huge sensor ,massive mp and ibis, what you gonna say now. yesterday you mumbling about sensor size and ibis is shit, but how about now? oh ya and the sony sensor…..

  4. Panasonic's S1 & S1R can produce pretty convincing 96 and 187 megapixel pics in hi-rez mode and do the same 4K 4:2:0 (soon 4:2:2) video internally and are just as tank-like for $7500 and $6500 cheaper respectively! Actually, even less now since Panasonic USA has a new $400 trade-in bonus promo for the S1 and S1R as of today at B&H and Adorama!

  5. Fuji lust! Can’t afford one, though…surprised that Fuji couldn’t get you a film lighting crew…love those virtual dials!!!

  6. 10 000usd body + lenses around 20 G . + PC to handle files around 5 G. = Total useless CRAP for 99% of humans on this planet. Period.

  7. How many stops of dynamic range can this sensor record?
    Is it competing with digital backs for recording details in shadows and highlights?

  8. You know the guys that are selling medium format cameras for $30k-$40k are shaking in their boots. Fujifilm is totally blowing them out of the water and at a lower price too. This is overkill for most of us. I would be interested to know how the dynamic range is on this monster

  9. Interesting video about an amazing camera. A bit out of my price range. But I look forward to the full-review / field-test.

  10. Great to see IBIS on a medium format camera. Also love the design of the LCD. Love that we are now over 100 MP. Exciting. $10,000-I'll be waiting.

  11. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that fuji is taking dead aim at the full frame market with a MUCH higher resolution camera body
    what i DO NOT LIKE… that they (like everyone else) is FORCE FEEDING VIDEO capabilities that MANY photographers like ME….DON"T NEED OR WANT 🙁

    but i see the future when there will be no need for still shooting any more
    – video grabs are soooooo much easier 🙁

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