Chris and Jordan have been shooting the new Fujifilm GFX 100 in Japan for a couple days and are here with their first impressions review. What do they think if this big, bold camera? Will Jordan embrace medium format for video? Tune in to find out.

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30 thoughts on “DPReview TV: Fujifilm GFX 100 First Impressions Review

  1. I got mine a few days ago and haven't gone through the manual except here and there. Being in way over my head I found the tips given here were invaluable. How else would I know to default to mechanical shutter, e.g.? Thanks for this video.

  2. The only problem I have and what prevents me from picking up one in a heartbeat, is to open annother line of new lenses… Having nearly everything from Nikon I want it is nasty to buy 3-4 lenses again and even worse have them as additional luggage. Switiching completely is also not an option, because there is a real need for "normal" DSLRs in my workflow. Most Jobs I accomplish with 24 and less MP, where even my D850 is too hefty. But für exhibition work, art and large printinted commercial the GFX 100 would be a welcome addiition.

  3. it is just a cropped medium format imo. until they give the same sensor size as true medium format (ie 6×4.5 6×6 6×7 6×9), it is just (an enlarged) full frame

  4. Calling a sub-medium format camera a "large format" is intentionally dishonest, Fuji should be ashamed of themselves

  5. 10k for a camera sensor that is only 30% larger than full frame, no thanks, a Canon 5Ds is a superior tool for 1/3 the money

  6. Face it. The Angry Photographer was right. Fuji out maneuvered Canon, Nikon, and Sony. Seriously, who wants to pay $3-$4000 for the newest full frame when you can go have a medium format that can do street photography, weddings, and product photography. Where most people make the money.

  7. I´m trying to find out how much is the DLA (Diffraction Limited Aperture) for this camera, as no one is talking about that. I believe that with a pixel pitch of 3.76um (even with a BSI sensor) the DLA will be considerably low, wich can reduce the full potential (and the image quality) of this sensor in lower aperture. What is your opinion about this, and also how the sensors tech will overcome the physics?

  8. I am very happy that this camera is not cheap and I hope it does not radically lower its price in the future, nowadays with so many "photographers" giving away their work I do not even want to think that a monster like this falls into their hands. Well done Fuji!

  9. I don't think people really understand how pretty amazing this is, due to the fact that this is a mediumformat camera! Mediumformat is usually slow as turtles. 😆

  10. What a difference Guys – i am wondering, what Panasonic might pay you, for using the GH5 95% all the time for doing this DPR Videos. 😉 /sarcasm.

    The X-T3 Fujifilm is so much better from Video Quality – keep shooting it. Excellent Video, Jordan!

  11. Leave any video/stills camera to Jordan and Chris and they will do an absolute beautiful work out of it.

    That rolling shutter however🤣. That is just whimsical

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