25 thoughts on “Doraemon Theme Song (LYRICS)

  1. I love anime openingGgs! Im not skippingGgGggg themmmm aaackKkKKkkkKk to the ppl who used to watch anime and skip anime openings…whAt's wrOng wiTh yOu guYs? Lol xD

  2. Ten tenen tenen tenen ten tenen tenen tenen 🎤🎵🎧.. yung tipong nung bata ako kapag narinig ko yung sound na yun ang bilis ko bumabangon sa higaan para manood 😥 ..i miss my chilhood memories sobra ..batang 90's 😭

  3. I'm from north east Indian and in our country most of the people don't like watching anime and stuff like that so they used to say anime is for kid… Man it really hurts my ♥

  4. Honestly, I can say my childhood is not that awesome since I was not a fan of watching cartoons (but I only watch a bit of them) like Doraemon. My father downloaded this song on our cellphone. Since I was not watching Doraemon before (everyday), I use to think that the song is somehow made by a fan like how I literally thinked of that on my young age😂 I was kinder before (I was 5-6yrs old back then) when I first heard this song. I use to play it every morning about 6 AM because it's cute… until the cellphone broke and yes, never heard that song after that… this time, is the time that I searched this again (I am now 13 yrs old)… I've been thinking of searching this a few days ago and now, I have the urge to search it
    … I don't feel sorry for forgetting the song because ofcourse I was just a kid before but I can feel the nostalgia right now… I didn't wish for any longer to found and listen to this again but yeah those years are enough for me… Imma enjoy my life again while listening to this😇 (additional: I remember those times that I was listening to this while watching some airplanes fly… til now I do the same thing and maybe that's why this music fits on watching planes because Doraemon is also flying😁 what I thought as a kid)

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