35 thoughts on “Doraemon (Movie 2010) Sad Best Epic Sad BGM

  1. I feel sad…..I miss my doves…..In 2015, I had a boy and a girl dove. They and I had lots of fun together. But…. 1/6/2017….. When I came back home at 11h30m…. My boy dove suddenly disappeared……I looked for it everywhere….. I cried….at that time, I only have the girl dove…..I promised that I will take good care of it…..but it also……died because of illness…… I used to wait for the day they have babies….a happy family….but where are they?…. Why did this happen….I wonder that…… Every year in February….the time I had them in 2015…. I always draw a picture of them…..listen to sad songs….imagine….they will come back…..this is the only thing I am looking forward to….

  2. This song is really tearing me apart… Thank you fantasy for this song…. God bless you with all your wants.. 😘

  3. Es increíble lo máximo de Daraemon esas melodías que te harán llorar se merece todo del mundo sería maravilloso tener amigos como ellos 🇪🇨😰😢😢

  4. When I'm going to die I want to Listen this & Die 😌😌😴😴😪 coz it helps me to Remind My Every Sweet Gifted Moment in Life

  5. One of the reason why I can't leave doraemon ….. their friendship are unbeatable . Even though they (giant and suneo) always bully nobita , they always there when he needs help . Nobita , even though he not as smart as dekisugi , not.strong as giant , not rich as suneo , but he loves shizuka with all of.his heart , friendly . Doraemon always help nobita no matter what kind of situation it is . Most importantly , nobita and doraemon always think of each other .

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