Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has multiple dining options, but the one with the most choices is Docking Bay 7. Sample some of the more exotic dishes that Black Spire Outpost has to offer for those visiting Batuu.

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50 thoughts on “Docking Bay 7 Lunch & Dinner Review | Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge | Disneyland

  1. For everyone asking why I didn’t wear sunscreen, I had a bad fever and I was burning up. That is my skin on fire from illness, not sun.

  2. the small old guy always says so many bad things about all of his experiences and then he always says "but it was great i really reccommend it"

  3. Americans talk about food ahahahhahaha yeah ahahah only europian people can talk about food pls stop that americans eat every shit mcdonalds country

  4. Love you guys but…all male review..would like a women’s point of view on the food..can you make that happen 😊

  5. Disney is the best thing that happened to star wars imagine being a kid at this point and time and being a star wars fan

  6. Meal 1: falafel but Star wars (obvious tattooine joke)
    Meal 2: chicken but probably actually synthetic poultry of kamino
    Meal 3: stormtrooper salad (revenge of the Ewoks)
    Meal 4: more stormtrooper corpse

  7. Thanks Craig for doing an excellent job in spite of your fever! Hope that you are on the mend! Loved your smile & enthusiasm for it all. Even though I am not a Star Wars fan, I enjoyed seeing it through yours & the rest of the team!😲🇨🇦🤩👍🇨🇦😍👍🇨🇦

  8. Good grief, that shrimp noodle salad literally looks like a Lean Cuisine. Also, are those chocolate Republic credits in the desserts? lol

  9. Docking Bay 7 was one of the few experiences we couldn't fit into our four-hour visit on Opening Day. Thanks for the video! As always, Dis Unplugged personalities, production values, and content are the best. 🙂

  10. My kids love veggies and hummus. I have found most kids seem to like any food they can "dip" so I think more kids will like that option than Craig things. Might need a little tweaking so more of a "dipping" thing though

  11. Great job at GE guys. Enjoyed all the information. Feel like I've been there. May not get to see it in Sept. with the crowds but who knows?

  12. That plant based dinner option must be pretty good. It certainly looks tasty.
    I wonder whether the food quality will stand up once more visitors descend on GE?

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