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  1. Could you just cut a longer piece of pvc and run it up to the crossbar, that looks like it is half way up the leg, for a straight leg table rather than use the towel? Also, could you attach casters to the pvc in some way using a cap for the pvc? I use the folding table as an art table to paint. Thanks for the video.

  2. I use a 6ft table with a Spandex cover…the table is raised to 38inch hi using furniture risers….I'm putting 2 holes in my 6ft the same as your 4ft…what should I I do about the Spandex cover ? I want the holes for lead management but the cover also ? Could I put holes in the cover ?

  3. Use a rubber hose as a shim or cut the bottom off of cone shaped chair leg covers and slid them on upside down to the screw

  4. Great idea about raising the height of your table using those poles. I went and bought a similar table today but couldn't get any poles, but what I did find was some of those spikes you put in the ground for your rotating washing line. They also need a bit of packing but so a similar job.

  5. I build my own tables and use metal closet rod cut into custom lengths. It usually fits perfectly over table legs with no room to spare which eliminates the wobble.

  6. hey just saw your video I will need a 90inch Length x 25inch width table to place my Pioneer 2 PLX-1000 each with a case for each turntable, 2 CDJ-2000 NXS2 & MY DJM-900 NXS2 with the coffin all on one table will I have to design a table or can I find a table like that bro hope u answer

  7. Like the idea a lot.  Would you share the specs of the Aluminum tubing you got for the current extensions.Thanks

  8. PVC for extensions is what I used at 6'5" also-most new school dj's like the facade vibe bcuz many of them can not or do not really spin any more -it's funny but I guess in this age people really do get off with a guy turning buttons and dropping out the treble & the bottom on songs throughout the night and call themselves dj's. Power strip placed underneath and holes in table for wiring was a Great idea, thanks….very good idea and helpful.

  9. Why don't you buy tube the same diameter as the legs of the table but the correct length so the height of the table is correct then unbolt the original legs and replace them with the new tubing of the correct length. it will look much nicer especially if you spray the legs to match and use to rubber foot of the original legs to prevent the legs scratching the floor of the venue.

  10. I feel ya! 6'4" here. I use a two-tier keyboard stand when using the DDJ-SX, and a folding 6' table with the Technics. Great ideas!

    I always carry my own table. I have seen too many shaky venue tables, even seen catering tables collapse because they weren't put up correctly. (THankfully, no food on the table at the time!) I don't want to risk my expensive gear to a table with an unknown weight capacity, questionable setup, or wobbly construction. 🙂 lol

    Curious, now that you have used the table with the cable holes cut in it, do you wish you had made the holes any smaller? The holes look pretty large to me. I'm thinking about doing the same thing… I think it would be hard to enlarge the holes, so I want them big enough, but not "too big". What size hole saw did you use on the table top?

    Subscribed, by the way 🙂

  11. Well its a nice thing to keep the drunkies from putting their drinks around your gear but only drawback is you are no longer showing that nice deck or mixer to the people which some like and give you back that wow factor, how about doing a cutout and having kinda like a window effect of course with some form of acrylic like plexy glass so that your concept still be there but at same time people can still have a peek from the front at your dj'ng magic, lol sorry for misspelled, but yeah what you think would it work hell you can even get the shop to cutout your logo and you can plexy glass it too and illuminate it somehow, just my 2 cents cheers.

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