11 thoughts on “DJ Quick Tip…DJ table…

  1. https://www.costcobusinessdelivery.com/Lifetime-Adjustable-Height-Folding-Table%2C-48L-x-24W-x-24-34H%2C-Almond–(LTM80387).product.11983520.html

  2. is the table steady becouse when im cuttn and scracthin the table that i have wavols and shimmy's im looking for a table that is sturdy so it dosent shimmy when i cut and scratch

  3. Hey bro thanks for the great idea. I am looking for a table to use my dj equipment as well , and I go to Costco's website and don't see that table ! Is there a brand name on the table itself . . Thanks let me know

  4. I dig it. Did you happen to see a 6 foot length version of that table. Those extra few inches is just what I need (I'm 6'2")

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