Lisa Gade reviews the 2019 Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 refresh, model 7390. There are a lot of improvements over the first gen model, with the new more powerful Intel 10th gen Ice Lake 10nm 15 watt CPUs, a new display aspect ratio, active cooling with vapor chamber and an even slimmer and lighter unibody aluminum design. The 2-in-1 convertible Ultrabook has a 13.4” full HD or 4K display with touch and optional pen support, fast DDR4 low power RAM, an NVMe SSD and WiFi 6. ** Get it on Amazon: .


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30 thoughts on “Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 7390 Review

  1. Can't wait for your review of the Spectre x360. Im in the market for a new laptop right now and am deciding between the xps and the Spectre. Your review will have a big influence on my decision!

  2. Great review thanks. I’m looking to get a new main device for university to write essays read multiple pdfs, annotating, note making with a pen etc. What would be a better device and what has the better pen and pen experience as I draw and photoshop images occasionally, this with Dell’s pen or the Surface Pro 6 or 7? Many thanks

  3. Finally an ultrabook with a 16:10 display! I once bought a 13.3" ultrabook and just couldn't get used to the tiny wide-screen display. This may be the one I need.

  4. I'm looking for a new lightweight laptop to replace my 2012 MacBook Air (and I don't want another Apple product) – I must say that I'm having a BLAST binge-watching your reviews! Thanks! (and love the shirt!)

  5. Wonderful review (as always). I'd really appreciate it if you would review/compare the new HP Spectre X360 with IceLake. Thanks again for your good work!

  6. Two fans because components that use power when laptop is being used for graphic design, compiling mass amounts of code etc will heat up and throttle the processor, fan noise goes up a little and if someone is in a quiet library in school…the stares and side eyes… if you ate writing music and running several plugins using cpu, your music will have static in the background…

  7. I understand the battery life on the 4k version but i like the 4k version better because it supports dolby vision hdr support.

  8. Loved the video and will likely buy the this XPS. BUT I have a important question! Does the micro SD card install flush with the chassis? So I can leave it in there for a permanent mass storage device.
    Hope you or someone can help. Cheers 🙂

  9. Awesome video… love your channel!
    I am considering this laptop as my main device. Could you go more in depth into the drawing capabilities of the device, since one of the main reasons I am considering this device is it's digitiser capabilities for drawing?

  10. By any chance will you be reviewing the new Dell Inspiron 13 5000 soon? I would be interested to know how they stack up against the XPS models. Thanks!

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