The new Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 (7390) is getting Intel’s first 10th gen 10nm CPU along with a gorgeous 16:10 4K HDR400 display. Toss in inking, a MagLev keyboard, arctic white woven glass fiber, and micro bezels with no chin this could be the ultimate convertible Ultrabook this year.

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39 thoughts on “Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 (7390) May Be The Best Ultrabook Yet

  1. Can you please do the hands-on review for this? I like your videos and I'd really love to see a hands-on review. If you could, please compare it to the surface 3 laptop, and maybe even the new razer stealth.

  2. I ordered a 9360 originally for 1300 bucks. Dell cancelled the order and is now sending me this as compensation. i7 cpu 16gb ram 256 ssd. I’m fucking pumped

  3. Soldered SSD? Nope. That's where I draw the line.

    Laptop dies and your data sinks with it. Mac users might be happy with that sacrifice but nope not me.

  4. For so long only Apple has gotten the screen aspect ratio right. 16:9 would be nice for bigger screen but on a laptop it is too narrow. Good to finally see the Windows laptops making the change.

  5. Dell ! PageUp and PageDown are utterly useles if you have a good touchpad that you can use with 2 finger scrolling. I know that today that requires adding a custom support and pref-pane into Windows 10 but I'm sure your devs could do it. Then you can use the PgUp / PgDown keys for something much more meaningful – e.g. Home and End – or just leave it empty like Macbooks have for a better tactile feedback.

  6. If the SSD is damaged then you have to throw away the whole laptop? That is madness! Integrated RAM is ok as RAMs hardly break but SSD can get corrupt segments. Otherwise it is an absolute stunner!

  7. Well, remember: buying this laptop is like saying "I support and hereby agree for soldering exchangeable components (RAM, SSD) to the motherboard. I buy a laptop from corporation. By paying Dell I can expect more of this practice in future." Sure lets buy it. Lets agree to pay for components they choose for you. Remember: corporations all care about are selling charts. You buy laptop with soldered components then this philosophy spreads to all future products like a virus.

  8. How good is it to use the pen on the screen once it's folded backwards? Does it wobble?

    How many levels of pressure does the pen have?

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