Lisa Gade reviews the 2019 Dell Inspiron 13 7390 Black Edition 2-in-1, which is the top of the line for the Inspiron 7000 line. This is a 13.3” quad core convertible Ultrabook with a 4K display supporting pen and touch and it has an aluminum casing finished in Abyss Black. The laptop is slim and light and has 360 degree hinges for clamshell, tablet and tent mode use. There’s a 15” version as well, for those who like this but prefer a larger size. An NVMe SSD is standard, as is 16GB RAM, an Intel Core i7-8565U processor, a white backlit keyboard and fingerprint scanner. Starting at $1,150, it’s a compelling alternative to the more expensive Dell XPS 13 and XPS 13 2-in-1.


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45 thoughts on “Dell Inspiron 13 Black Edition 2-in-1 (7390) Review

  1. I love your videos. Very informative! I recently picked up this laptop as a open box at Best Buy for $783. It’s the 512gb ssd with 16gb of ram. Was wondering if I got a good deal but now after your video i think I made the right choice!

  2. This or the xps13 7390 2-1? Price difference is $1,000
    i7-8565u vs i7-1065G7
    16RAM both
    512GB NVme SSD
    Intel UHD 620 vs Intel Iris Plus
    Please I really need an answer.

  3. i just got this for school, the pen is so nice for note taking. I had used an ancient laptop for so long and its a huge improvement. the only issue is that the fingerprint reader will not work

  4. Why is there a different config in china? In china it has a 10th gen i7 with a thunderbolt port with other things having the same specs as the normal one. Also the Chinese one is around 1400 usd

  5. Thanks for the review! I purchased this laptop 2 months ago and LOVE IT! However it does have some pitfalls (as every laptop does – none are perfect). What I don't like is that it CAN get pretty hot so I'm not sure that the cooling system is all that great, this heating occurs when streaming videos for long periods of time. Also, the fan can get really loud (not cool – no pun intended). And the biggest pitfall is the speakers! I don't use this laptop without headphones which I don't mind since that's how I typically use laptops.

  6. Great Video as always. Do you think this is a good alternative for the HP Spectre x360 or the Lenovo Yoga C930? And i can safe some money too

  7. I bought the inspiron 7000 2-in-1 and it's a terrible unit. The first one that I bought was defective. I returned it for a replacement and the next one they gave me is defective too. I've wasted so much time with Dell Support, but I still don't have a usable computer. Avoid at all costs!

  8. Cool little laptop, but with the ugliest keyboard I've ever seen…looks like a cheap toy…at least to my eyes. Not my cup o' tea.

  9. Hey I was wondering if you've done a sub $500 2-in-1 review. I'm looking for an intro artist 2-in-1 or any touch screen 360 for artist within that prcie and I'm having trouble decide what to pic 🙁

    I see Microsoft and Google have some, so it would be cool if you could do a comparison of artist 2-in-1/detachables/360° laptops for artist.

    Is there one you recommend???

  10. This is another awesome review…very informative. I have been a fan your reviews and insight for over a decade. Thanks for sharing your great wisdom throughout the years!!!

  11. Thnx again for the review.
    So, trying to find the 7390 on the DELL site is failure for me.
    DELL should pay you for having a product link in your description.

  12. Obvious: Came for an amazing review. Subtle yet obvious: Came to enjoy an intelligent, funny and delightful 7 minutes. Thank you Lisa for testing and providing an actionable review ! Hope you are having a great Summer .

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