46 thoughts on “Crazy Setups 8 – Soul Knight 2.2.0

  1. Unfortnunately this has been patched people, Zeyang Li did this instead of making an online multiplayer system (which should have been in the game all along)

  2. I just looted the blueprint today and thinking it’s garbage weapon! Ty for these setups, im new to soulknight n ur vids are very helpful.

  3. Knight with his original skill, laser buff,shotgun buff,And if possible get the poison crystal u get from the craftsman or whatever his name was or any other crystal,get the challenge with the 100% attack speed and 50% fire rate,And berserker statue,and if possible get the fire buff poison buff etc, bounce bullets buff, get energy when u kill a monster buff or the infinite energy challenge on, I guess that's enough

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