A CAPSULE HOTEL IN DANANG, VIETNAM! Phil has always wanted to stay in a capsule hotel and luckily there was one in Danang! This video gives a full tour and review of inside a capsule hotel, the spaceship-like sleeping pod, which felt super futuristic, all the functionalities and technical gadgets, along with the additional amenities included. The cheap $7 USD capsule hotel is an awesome hostel or hotel alternative! Will this be the hotel style of the future???

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15 thoughts on “CAPSULE HOTEL DANANG, VIETNAM ($7 Full Review Tour)

  1. Good idea that you refused to give your passport to the clerk. European, UK, and Canadian and American passports are worth big money on the black market. Last I heard an American passport goes for $10000+, no questions asked.

  2. Not for claustrophobic people for sure. Actually you can rent motel room for cheaper than that with toilet inside.

  3. Pretty cool idea, and nice cheap option for people just coming by for a single night stop. I know in hostels it can get "tought" depending on how your roommates are, yet as bad as it can be, as cool it can be also. So the social aspect of a hostel is lost, which can be for good or worse.

    Grüße !

  4. Very enlightening! Very futuristic! I'd like to try that. The hard mattress sounds like it was not that good to sit on, but was probably better once you were lying down to sleep. Did the air conditioning wake you up at all? If it wasn't that effective was it better to put it on a medium setting over night to reduce the noise?

  5. Going to Vietnam this year! Loved your video! Thanks for sharing 💖

    Had a quiet similar experience in Italy in Naples. Loved it! It was in the airport so super cool and comfy for me as I had a very early flight!
    This kind of hostel are the future! I literally fell in love with this kind of experience! I’d recommend it

  6. Wow, it's like a spaceship in that pod! I've never seen such a cool capsule hotel. If I ever go to Da Nang, I really want to stay here. It's quite an interesting experience.

  7. Great video and review! That was so fascinating. To be honest, once you arrived at the actual capsule, climbed inside and then closed it, my mind jumped to wondering if there was some type of call button if the door somehow got stuck! After you described how spacious and futuristic it felt, that seemed better. Amazing of all the amenities you get with your night stay.

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