Activision has launched its reveal trailer for the next Call of Duty game, COD: Modern Warfare, Dennis Tzeng and Dorian Parks react and discuss the game and what they think might be different in this version.

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15 thoughts on “Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Reveal Trailer Reaction and Review

  1. I want the campaign! I do like regular multiplayer, but I didn't get BO4 because it didn't have a campaign.
    Also Modern Warfare is the bast COD series :P.

  2. They already stated that what you see is what you get. People who got to go to the studio confirmed it, multiple people in fact.

  3. That had some in game footage just using a debug camera showing it from a different angle, some of it was cutscenes

    The scene behind the car shooting was in game and the helicopter bit at the end with the breach was in game and the breach at the beginning was also in game

  4. The main reason I started playing cod back in the day was for single player bc the story was great, I didn’t start playing multiplayer till world at war

  5. A reboot for $65 🙄 nope IF this was. A prequel to the.original cod 4 mw then yeah I be there oct25 not at GameStop

  6. I fell off Call of Duty after BO2 but the fact that neither of you had any reaction to that Captain Price reveal is blasphemous

  7. It's great to see Call of Duty finally branching out and trying something new. Well done, Activision! loads up Blops2 co-op zombies.. again

  8. My fate has been rocked by COD Black Opts 4, If it's all online and no story mode I'm out. They should stay in the world wars.

  9. I need to know more about this game before I even allow myself to get excited whatsoever… I've been done with COD since MW3; I came back for WWII but BO4 looked terrible.

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